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MA Nineteenth Century Studies

To help you feel prepared for your postgraduate studies, we’ve gathered together a range of course related activities including suggested reading, useful websites and some great things to do right now.

Suggested reading

You’ll be given far more information about which textbooks to read and introduced to the University Library, as well as the many ebooks we have for you to access when you begin your studies. And we don’t recommend rushing out to buy texts before you arrive. But if you can pick up a second hand copy, borrow from a library, or access online, the following texts will be helpful to explore:

LIT4000: Research Skills (semester one)
LIT4001: Romantic Movements (semester one)
LIT4002: Victorian Decades (semester two)
LIT4003: Entertaining the Victorians (semester two)
General Literary and Historical Study

Useful websites

Depending on your areas of interest, you might want to visit the following websites:

  • The Victorian Web features introductory articles on key aspects of Victorian culture and society.
  • Lee Jackson’s The Dictionary of Victorian London features lots of fascinating nineteenth-century sources.
  • The Internet Archive features thousands of digitised books and periodicals from the nineteenth century. See what you can unearth!
  • The British Newspaper Archive (subscription required) features millions of pages of nineteenth-century newspapers and magazines — it’s a great tool for finding new research topics.
  • Dr Andrew McInnes is currently leading a project on ‘The Romantic Ridiculous’ — check out his project blog to learn about his work-in-progress and get ready for our Romantic Movements module.
  • Dr Bob Nicholson’s twitter feeds (@DigiVictorian and @VictorianHumour) feature thousands of curious Victorian discoveries, some of which we’ll be exploring in Entertaining the Victorians.
  • Dr Bob Nicholson recently presented the BBC podcast series ‘Killing Victoria’ which explores the lives of seven men who attempted to assassinate the Queen. You can listen on BBC Sounds, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

Meet your programme lead and course specialists:

Dr Bob Nicholson (MA Programme Leader)

Reader in History and Digital Humanities, Dr Bob Nicholson works on the history of nineteenth-century popular culture and leads the Entertaining the Victorians module in semester two.

Dr Laura Eastlake

Dr Laura Eastlake is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature. Her interests include Victorian masculinity, classical reception, and gothic fiction. She leads the Victorian Decades module in semester two.

Dr Andrew McInnes

Reader in Romanticisms, Dr Andrew McInnes is currently leading an AHRC-funded project exploring the ‘Romantic Ridiculous.’ He leads the Romantic Movements module in semester one.