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Postgraduate applicants

MA Modern History & Culture

To help you feel prepared for your postgraduate studies, we’ve gathered together a range of course related activities including suggested reading, useful websites and some great things to do right now.

Suggested reading

HUM4054 – Research Methods for Historians
HUM4055 – The Archival Project
HUM4056 – Modern Medievalisms
HUM4057 – Anti-Semitism and the West
HUM4058 – Crime, Criminal Justice and the City, 1840-1940
HUM4059 – Awakening Giant: The US and WWII
HUM4060 – Book History & Material Culture
LIT4003 – Entertaining the Victorians

Useful websites

Things to do now

To help prepare you for your studies, you may find it useful to read Peter Burke, What Is Cultural History? (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2004) or E. H. Carr, What is History? (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001).

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