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LLM SQE/Legal Practice course preparation

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the School of Law, Criminology & Policing. Before you join us on your LLM Legal Practice SQE, we have gathered together a range of course related activities to help you feel prepared for your postgraduate studies. These include suggested reading, useful websites and some great things to do right now.

Things to do now

There are several things you can do to start to prepare for your studies over the summer.

Join our community

Follow our School and our student societies on social media so that you can start connecting with your colleagues and chat to current students about their experiences.

Connect with us on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with over 610 million members worldwide. It is very useful for networking and securing opportunities.

Find advice on creating a LinkedIn profile.

Once you have created your profile, join our School group and connect with your lecturers and your colleagues, along with employers as you progress through your degree so that you gradually build your network.

Prepare for your academic studies

Keep up-to-date with global news on the topic of the programme, check out relevant section of good quality newspapers and BBC World Service. Once you join Edge Hill you will also have free access to the Financial Times.

Some online resources you may wish to consult include:

Think of your future

The LLM SQE Legal Practice prepares you to sit the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE 1 and 2) which are required for those who want to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. To qualify, alongside the SQEs, you will also need 2 years of qualifying work experience (QWE) which you can complete before, during or after sitting the SQEs. You can therefore start building your qualifying work experience whilst studying our programme, if you are wishing to embark on a legal career after completing your masters.

For those who wish to go down a non-legal pathway, the LLM provides you with many transferable skills which you could utilise in areas such as business, human resources, graduate management positions and academia.

In our School we are dedicated to supporting your career development. Employability related activities are both embedded within your programme and provided extra-curricular.

Throughout the duration of your programme, you will be invited to key School events such as our annual bespoke careers fair and alumni panels and will also benefit from the support of our dedicated careers advisor – Emma Bonati. Emma and the wider Careers Team can assist with careers guidance and advice, including: searching for graduate positions, developing a CV, writing a job application, securing part-time work etc.

You will also have numerous opportunities to attend workshops, insight days and panel events to engage with employers.

All of these opportunities will provide you with real-world experience, assist you in building your networks and support you in developing your employability skills.

Before you join us in September, start to get familiar with the Edge Hill Careers Team. You can also follow them on socials for regular updates: @ehucareers

It may also be useful to browse some career websites such as Prospects and Target Jobs.

Meet your teaching team

The programme is co-delivered by our partners, Barbri, the world’s largest legal professional education provider.