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Student accommodation in Manchester

Discover your accommodation options in Manchester. The Accommodation Team is based at our Ormskirk Campus in Catalyst.

Although you are studying away from the main campus you can still access our services either online, on the phone or over email. Of course, if you are ever at the Ormskirk campus you can drop in to Catalyst and speak to a member of staff. You may also find our St James Accommodation guide helpful.

Apply for Edge Hill halls today, or view our range of other accommodation options.

What accommodation is available in Manchester?

Edge Hill University does not operate any accommodation in Manchester, however we can offer you our advice and guidance to help you find the right place to live.

Manchester offers a huge range of student accommodation options, the two most popular options are:

Halls of residence

There are many halls of residence available in the city that are open to students from any institution; a popular choice particularly for your first year of study when you will get to meet other students. Halls of residence will typically have on site security, student support (such as Resident Advisors or Student Guides), reception services and property management services. Rates will usually include all bills and maintenance.

Facilities and amenities

Most halls of residence in Manchester come with a range of facilities to make your stay comfortable. This often includes a communal kitchen, en-suite bathrooms, a fitness centre, and sometimes even a small convenience store within the building.

Social aspect

Living in halls is an excellent way to meet new people. Many halls organise social events, trips, or activities during the first few weeks, which can be great for making friends and settling into university life.

High angle shot of Manchester city centre.


One of the advantages of halls is the enhanced security features, including CCTV cameras, secure door entry systems, and on-site security personnel.


While living in halls can be more expensive upfront, the cost usually includes utilities like water, electricity, and internet, making it easier to budget.

Application process

Many halls start accepting applications early and they often operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s advisable to apply as soon as possible.

Shared house

Shared houses remain popular among students, especially after your first year when you have found others you wish to live with. Properties range in size from one bedroom to ten bedrooms, although some can be larger than this. You can find shared houses through letting agents, student housing agents or direct via landlord advertisements. Rates can either be inclusive or exclusive of bills and maintenance; always ensure this is clearly detailed in your tenancy agreement.

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Shared houses offer a lot more flexibility than halls, both in terms of lease duration and the kinds of amenities you might have access to.

Choice of housemates

One of the key benefits is the ability to choose who you live with, making for a potentially more harmonious living situation.


In a shared house, you’re likely to have fewer housemates than in a hall, offering a bit more privacy and quiet.


Rent for shared houses can often be cheaper than halls, but it’s essential to budget for bills like utilities, internet, and possibly council tax, as these are often not included in the rent.

Finding a property

Several platforms and agencies specialise in student housing, but word-of-mouth and university noticeboards are also good places to find available properties.

Legal considerations

Always read the tenancy agreement carefully and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Most importantly, clarify whether your lease is ‘joint and several’ – meaning all tenants are responsible for each other’s obligations, including rent payments.

Where to start

Here are some top tips on finding your accommodation:

Check your budget

You need to decide what you can afford to pay in rent before you start looking for properties. There is plenty of accommodation available so there is no need to take the first room you look at. The Money Advice Team can help you to understand your budget.

Students gather at a stand about Money Advice on funding and fees.

Decide where to live

Manchester is a big city with a great public transport network to get you to campus. Rates will often be higher as you get closer to the city centre. Before signing a tenancy agreement for a property always check the transport costs and duration to get to campus, and placements if applicable.

Check the reputation of the provider

Make sure you check your accommodation is reputable; do they have a well maintained website? Are there adequate contact details available including phone and email? Can you speak to current or past residents to find out their experience? Is the property covered by an accreditation scheme? Manchester Student Homes is an independent organisation that operates an accreditation scheme covering student properties in Manchester, you can find out more about Manchester Student Homes online.

If in doubt please contact the Accommodation Team or Students’ Union for advice.

Your tenancy agreement

You should thoroughly read your tenancy agreement before you sign. Any contract you sign with a private accommodation provider is a legally binding document for a fixed term, and as you are financially liable for the rent for the whole term of the contract it’s essential that you are certain you want the property before committing yourself.

Before you sign any contract, we recommend that you get advice from the Accommodation Team or Students’ Union.

We recommend that you never sign a joint tenancy agreement, always ask for a single tenancy agreement.

Contact us

You can get in touch with the Accommodation Team using the contact details below:

Edge Hill Students’ Union can also provide advice and guidance and you can contact them using the details below:


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