Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

A student makes notes as she participates in a seminar.Edge Hill University offers a number of free Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses for Secondary PGCE applicants.

If you have applied to study one of our Secondary PGCEs in Biology, Computer Science and IT, English, Mathematics, or Religious Education, and require enhancement of your subject knowledge, then we have the right course for you.

Successful completion of an SKE course may form part of the conditions of an offer of a place on a Secondary PGCE. The SKE programmes identify areas for development and provide a range of opportunities for additional study tailored to your individual needs.

For Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics, the course structure and length of study is flexible and varies from 8-28 weeks depending on your individual subject knowledge requirements. Each two-week unit typically entails 50 hours of learning time, with a blend of face-to-face sessions, online learning and supported self-study. For English and Religious Education, the course is eight weeks for all students.


Course Name Qualification UCAS Code
Biology Subject Knowledge Enhancement Apply Direct
Computing Subject Knowledge Enhancement Apply Direct
English Subject Knowledge Enhancement Apply Direct
Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement Apply Direct
Religious Education Subject Knowledge Enhancement Apply Direct

Student Profiles

  • Cathrine Jones

    Subject Knowledge Enhancement Mathematics
    The course was ideal for us all, so if it is a long time since you studied a subject then an SKE course would be perfect for you.
  • Natalie Wilkinson

    Subject Knowledge Enhancement Biology
    As well as refreshing my subject knowledge I also got a big confidence boost from the course.

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