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How to apply - A student reads a book while working on her Apple Macbook at a table in the University library in the Catalyst building.
Choosing the right course for you

Now that your assessments are complete, what’s next? Sit tight and wait for your results. Which is probably easier said than done. Especially if you think you haven’t done quite as well as you’d hoped. Or maybe you know you’ve gone above and beyond your expectations. But don’t worry, you still have plenty of options. And we are here to help you through it.

Read on for some advice to choosing the right university course for you through Clearing.

  1. Remember you’re not alone. And there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Going through Clearing isn’t a sign of failure. Maybe you had a bad day on exam day. Or you achieved a higher grade than expected. Or perhaps you’ve just changed your mind. Discuss your options. Make a new university plan. And our best advice is to be yourself and showcase your passion.
  2. Take time to reflect. Clearing is your chance to completely change your mind. And to be open to new ideas. Whether you choose to apply to a new university. Or a new course. You can explore options that may be better suited to your qualifications. Tailor your course to your interests through your module choices. Or try out a new language as part of your course*. Get the best of both worlds by combining two areas of interest. For example, English Language with Creative Writing*. Or join a sports club or society to fulfil your interests outside of your university studies. *Please note, not all courses offer this option.
  3. Starting university this year isn’t your only option. Consider a gap year. Work. Travel. Recharge. But first, secure your university place for next year. And enjoy a year out safe in the knowledge that your year-end destination is fixed. You’ll be bringing a years’ worth of new experiences with you to university. And interesting stories to share with new friends.
  4. Make sure to talk to people. To friends, family, your teachers. They know you and what’s best for your situation and interests. But also talk to us. There could be more available to you than you realise. Tell us what your interests are and why we’d be lucky to have you.
  5. It’s always your call. You don’t have to accept your university offer immediately. Take your time to do further research. What does the course include? Where will you live? What does the university have to offer alongside your course? Make the choices that suit you. And make it in your own time. You’ll have a window to accept your offer which will give you chance to consider all your options.
  6. It’s never too late. Clearing opens at the beginning of July and closes about a week before term starts. Maybe it’s best to take a break from thinking about your options and come back to it in a couple of weeks. As long as it’s before the deadline, you’ll still have options to consider. But keep in mind that some courses may close sooner than others if places get filled up.
  7. Stay calm and positive. The people you’re speaking to want to help you so listen to their advice. And express yourself to the University. Think about your future. Re-set your goals. And decide on your next steps with the help of our team.

And once it’s all over and you’ve made your final decision, you can look forward to the start of an amazing new journey.