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Supporting You

Are you a care leaver, care experienced, estranged, or have experience of supported foyer accommodation? If so, there is a great deal of support available to you within Edge Hill University.

The Student Support team are the designated team for supporting care leaver, care experienced and estranged students. We recognise that starting a course at university and moving to a new place can be exciting, but also overwhelming. You may find you have a maze of information and procedures to deal with, that’s why the Student Support team are committed to offering you the extra support you might need throughout your studies.

Got a question or need support? Please get in touch with our Care Leaver support lead, Jo Ellmore: [email protected]

Useful Definitions

Statutory Care Leavers

Young people aged 16-25 years old who have been ‘looked after’ for at least 13 weeks by a local authority at some point since they were 14 years old and were in care on or after their sixteenth birthday.

Care Experienced Students

A broader definition, encompassing all those who have spent time in care during childhood. Often young people will not be classed as care leavers because they left care (through, for example, adoption or returning to their family) before their sixteenth birthday.

Estranged Students

Independent students have no communicative relationship with either of their living biological parents and often their wider family networks as well. Often these students do not have the same legal protections as care leavers; local authorities have no statutory responsibility for their welfare. Student Finance define estranged students as being ‘irreconcilably estranged from their parents’.

Foyer Students (supported accommodation)

Students between the ages of 16-25 who have accessed Foyer or other Supported Housing Organisation due to homelessness, or at risk of becoming homeless. The Local Housing Authority or Supported Housing Association may refer to these young people as ‘Foyer or Supported Housing Associations students’.

There is a range of support available to you at Edge Hill – take a look at the links below for more information.

Financial Support

Care Leavers Bursary

If you are a UK care leaver student joining either a full-time or part-time programme (Undergraduate, Masters degree, MRes programme or MBA) at Edge Hill University and are aged under 25 at the start of your course, you may be eligible for a Care Leavers Bursary 2021/22 worth either £1,000 per academic year (£500 per annum for part-time students). Please check the Care Leavers Bursary Procedures and Regulations 2021/22.

Eligible students will need to provide evidence of a minimum of 13 weeks spent in Local Authority care since the age of 14 (usually in the form of a letter from the Local Authority/support organisation).

The bursary is also open to students who are living in Foyer/supported housing, providing you are under the age of 25 at the start of your course.

The bursary is paid six months after enrolment, directly into your account via Student Finance. For example, if you enrol in September 2020 you can expect a payment in February 2021 following successful completion of the application process.

If you are care experienced, but who may not meet some of the eligibility as outlined below, are encouraged to seek support from the Student Support team, who will work with you to assess your needs. You can also apply to the Student Support Fund through our Money Advice Team.

How to apply

Payment of the Care Leavers Bursary is made following successful completion of the application with our designated Care Leaver lead, Jo Ellmore.

Jo is on hand to support you with any questions you have. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Additional financial support

Estranged students

Estranged students can access help through the Money Advice team to explore independent status with the Student Loans Company. The Student Support team can support you with this process and can connect you to our Money Advice Team who will provide you with further information about eligibility.

You can find out more via our Money Advice Team, Stand Alone and SFE for more information and details of how to apply.

You could also be eligible for further financial support through our Student Support Fund. Download the Student Support Fund application forms.

If you’re struggling or need some guidance, the Student Support team can work with you to offer support. We’re here to help you to make the most of your time at University and complete your course successfully.

External support




Student Finance England, Estrangement forms 2020/21

For parents and carers support, Grandparents Plus is a national kinship care charity.  Call 0300 123 7015 or email [email protected]

Family Rights Group

Confidential advice for parents and family members who are involved with or need children’s social care services. Call 0808 801 0366.


Students who are care leavers, care experienced, or estranged can also request a contract for a room in university halls of residence for 365 days a year for the three years of the degree course.

Moving into halls of residence and starting university is an exciting time, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. If you are concerned about the move onto campus or transition into university, we are on hand to support you. The Student Support team can arrange a joined-up meeting with you and your Personal Advisor/Support Worker/supporter where we will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with Jo Ellmore at [email protected]

Living off campus

If you don’t want to live in halls, we can also support you in your search for accommodation both during term time and the vacation period.

Our Accommodation team have a useful Off-Campus Accommodation Finder which lists available properties local to Edge Hill and the surrounding areas. Advice is also available if you are studying in Manchester at St James’. Please get in touch with the Accommodation team for further information and support.



Citizens Advice

WP Pre-entry

Supporting You

Edge Hill are committed to supporting you from the beginning of your student journey; we offer dedicated and comprehensive support for all care leavers, care experienced, estranged and foyer students from pre-entry right through to graduation and beyond. We are committed to ensuring your experience at Edge Hill is a positive journey.

The Student Support team are on hand for support throughout your studies. If you are struggling or need to be put in touch with additional support from our Wellbeing or Money Advice teams, we will refer and help to connect your support.

We offer dedicated pre-entry support and guidance for applicants/those interested in studying at Edge Hill University, dedicated pastoral support from us in the Student Support team throughout your studies, and bespoke support from our Careers service for advice and guidance on maximising your employability and planning your next steps following graduation.

We know that for many starting University, (or returning to University after a pause), can present a lot of change and we’re on hand to help you with this transition. We believe that University is a transformational experience and we’re here to support you through your journey.

Getting in touch

To ensure that you receive the support you are entitled to during your time at Edge Hill, make sure you contact us. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are offering a mixture of face to face and virtual appointments.

If you and/or your Personal Advisor/Support Worker/supporter would like to organise a meeting, or if you’d like to get in touch and make yourself known to the team, please simply the Care Leaver support lead, Jo Ellmore, at: [email protected]


Student Services

Thriving & Surviving UK: Estranged and Care Experienced Student Handbook (EaCES)

Standalone podcast

Rees Foundation – Helping care experienced people thrive

Breethe – an app for meditation and sleep. Claim your free subscription by emailing [email protected]

Student Space, by Student Minds

Getting Involved

There are so many different ways to connect with your community at Edge Hill, through social activities, societies, Facebook groups and more.


If you’re a care leaver or care experienced student, you can join our CARE (Care and Relevant Experience) Facebook Group, a supportive community just for you.

Visit and request to join.

Edge Hill Students’ Union

For information about upcoming events and how to join societies and get involved on campus, check out the Edge Hill Students’ Union website.

Get in touch: [email protected]

Appointments During Covid-19

To support you during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Student Support team will be offering a mix of in-person and virtual appointments. To book an initial appointment, please click on the button below.

Book an Initial Appointment (Virtual)

If you have already had an initial appointment with the the team, you can book a follow-up appointment by clicking on the button below.

Book a Follow-Up Appointment (Virtual)


Click for the latest coronavirus update from the University, where you will also find a list of frequently asked questions.

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