How to Report a Repair

Do you need to report a fault or issue around Campus?

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The Facilities Management Team within Edge Hill University have a number of objectives regarding repairs which are;

  • Maintain University buildings and assets in good order
  • Maintain a safe environment and ensure that danger to persons and damage to property is minimised through accurate reporting and response
  • Provide a repairs service which meets the needs of the University’s Students and Stakeholders
  • Carry out all repairs within agreed response times

What happens when I report a problem?

When you contact us, we will categorise your reported work as either ‘reactive’ or ‘planned’ maintenance. The difference between these are highlighted below.

Reactive repairs or day to day repairs are defined as those repairs which are carried out on a responsive basis as the need arises and are not deferred for inclusion in planned maintenance programmes.

Report a Repair [PDF]

Reactive Maintenance

This includes often minor unplanned short-term repairs which are classified by urgency. Examples of ‘Reactive’ tasks include;

  • Fixing or replacing broken items
  • Heating adjustments
  • Fixing leaks and removing blockages
  • Specialist cleaning requests

Help with logging a job can be found in our FM MyJobs user guide.

Planned Maintenance

Works which require investment outside of reactive day to day operations are usually described as planned. These are scheduled types of work which include:

  • Heating/cooling system servicing
  • Fire system safety checks
  • Re-decoration & improvement
  • Electrical rewiring

If you do report works to us which fall into a category of planned maintenance, we will be able to advise you of a likely timescale for this work to be completed according to our published 5 year schedule of planned maintenance.

For any queries please contact FM Reception:
01695 58 (4455)