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Honorary appointments

What is an honorary appointment?

An honorary appointment is a voluntary arrangement, which allows individuals from business and institutions other than universities to cooperate with academic staff at the University. It allows them access to certain facilities to further their own research or to cooperate on joint research to the mutual benefit of both themselves and the University.

An honorary appointment is not a contract of employment and honorary appointments will not receive any remuneration for work they undertake in their honorary capacity. All candidates for honorary appointments should be judged against the same standards of output as for substantive University positions albeit that activities with or on behalf of the University are clearly secondary to a candidate’s substantive role and this should be taken into account when considering the appointment.

The University reserves the right to terminate an honorary appointment at any time and for any reason prior to its expiry and if, in the future, the honorary appointment is appointed to a substantive role within the University, their honorary appointment will cease.

An honorary appointment is not necessary to give an individual a University IT account and Library access. Colleagues should create an associate IT account for this purpose. To do this please visit the IT Services Wiki. If you no longer require your honorary contract please email [email protected].

Please note this process differs from our visiting professor and visiting research roles. Visiting professors are appointed by the dean of faculty and are expected to contribute to the expertise of our staff. Visiting researchers are appointed in relation to time bound projects which specific research outputs.

Who is eligible?

All applicants must:

  • contribute to the University’s teaching and/or research endeavours
  • not be the subject of a disciplinary or capability process
  • not be the subject of an investigation of non-compliance with regulations by the applicant’s employer

Types of honorary appointment

Honorary Professor

Honorary Clinical Professor

Honorary Associate Professor

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor

Honorary Lecturer

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Honorary Clinical Lecturer

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Honorary Research Fellow/Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Honorary Associate Research Fellow/Honorary Clinical Associate Research Fellow

Terms of appointment

  • No remuneration will be attached to the posts.
  • All appointments will be for three years in the first instance (each area to advise SRPPS of the duration of the appointment). Decisions regarding extension of the appointment should be made at least three months in advance of the current appointment end date.
  • Appointments may be terminated by either party in advance of the appointment end date by providing one month’s written notice.
  • For the avoidance of doubt an honorary appointment does not constitute a contract of employment.
  • Title holders are of course permitted to refer to themselves using their designated title. However, it must be made clear in their title designation that they hold an Honorary position e.g., “Associate Professor J Jones, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of Edge Hill University”.
  • The benefits relating to the honorary appointment are outlined in the letter of appointment and include use of the University library and computing facilities, as well as membership of an area within a faculty.

Appointments process

  • Applicants should review the criteria above and determine which type of honorary appointment they wish to apply for. The current version of this document is available on the recruitment webpages.
  • Applicants should email their CV to the relevant head of department and contact them to discuss their potential application.
  • Following review of the CV and a conversation with the potential applicant, the Head of Department will start to complete the ‘Honorary Academic Status Proposal Form’ and then forward this on to the applicant for their completion and return. In addition, NHS staff should also attach a brief letter of sponsorship from the Trust Clinical Director, Medical Director, Hospital Dean or person of equivalent standing in the relevant NHS Trust.
  • Recruiting heads of departments need to complete a network access account form and download and complete the ‘Template of Written Statement and Regulations’ document.
  • Applications for Honorary Professor or Honorary Clinical Professor will be considered by the Standing Conferment Panel and the outcome will be communicated to the applicant. All other honorary appointments will be considered by members of the Academic Progression Panel.
  • All applicants must have the legal right to work in the UK. These checks will be completed on appointment.
  • Depending on the nature of the honorary appointment, DBS and/or ATAS clearance may be required. If deemed necessary, these checks will be completed on appointment.

Renewal of existing honorary appointments

Existing honorary appointments will be reviewed, at the latest, three months in advance of the current appointment end date. A pro-forma, which asks the honorary appointee to set out their contribution to the University, can be found below.

Honorary academic status proposal form

Where the head of department decides to withdraw an honorary appointment partway through the appointment this should be discussed in the first instance with the faculty HR partner. Where the head of school decides not to renew an appointment at the end of the period of appointment this can be confirmed directly to SRPPS who will write to the individual.


Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.