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Health Research Institute (HRI)

We can offer all MBChB students (who meet the criteria below) the opportunity to apply for one of eight available research internships at EHU this summer (2024). This has been funded by NIHR’s Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Programme. If you want to know more about these offers please contact the ICATO team.

About the internship placements

The internship placements will be four weeks in length, and a £1776 salary will be provided.

It is anticipated that all placements will run from Monday 29 July to Friday 23 August 3024, culminating with a showcase event that will part of a series of sessions organised by our NIHR funded Academic Society, in collaboration with UCLAN, that will be established over the coming months.

An internship assessment group will consider applications on a case by case basis.

To be eligible for consideration for an internship placement, you should:

  • be an Edge Hill University MBChB student
  • have no outstanding professional concerns
  • have passed all summative assessments by the end of the academic year

Timeline for applications

The window for submitting applications has now closed.

The application outcome will be released by Friday 7 June 2024.

Apply for an internship placement

Placement projects

We have compiled a list of all projects available for summer 2024. Please contact the named Supervisors if you would like more information about these projects.

All projects relate to reviews or the analysis of already collected data. All internships have to comply with our University’s Research Ethics Policy and all Supervisors are aware of these requirements.

Each 4-week internship will have a defined work plan and what is to be achieved.  Although some projects will be standalone pieces of work, others will be parts of wider, more long-term studies. As long as related contributions meet journal guidelines, co-authorship may be appropriate on future publications.  These discussions should be held with the named supervisor. 

Children’s Health Literacy
Life-limiting conditions
Reducing mental health inequalities in local communities
Digital health technologies
Musculoskeletal research
Population Physical Activity
Projects on the use of technology and simulation in clinical education and educator development.
Projects focusing on Cardiovascular Imaging
Reviews and projects in psychology
Reviews on non-invasive techniques to assess muscle mass loss in critically ill children
Addressing health inequalities and improvements in primary care in deprived areas of Cheshire and Merseyside
Working creatively to support wellbeing and mental health across the life course
Projects related to social prescribing, evidence synthesis