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PGR/ECR Network: Mental Health, Sport and Physical Activity

Our Postgraduate Researcher/Early Career Researcher Network aims to connect PGRS and ECRs interested in mental health, sport and physical activity to promote interdisciplinary work and discussions while developing a network across disciplines and universities.

How does it work?

Initially, the network will be built by personal contacts and dissemination in our University media, such as the weekly round-up. As the network is growing, the website and linked publications in approved social media will promote the network outside the University, but the network is always related to the centre.

Our activities

As the aim of the network is to connect PGR and ECR, some events will be held to facilitate discussion about the topic of interest and the networking between the members of the network. A monthly event will be held, inviting the members to participate and engage in network activities and interaction with the members. The first meeting will aim to set an agenda for a year that responds to the interests of the members and aligns with the agenda of the centre.

The activities of the network can be related to:

  • sharing projects and generating discussions that allow the generation of knowledge and produce new ideas for researchers
  • staying at the forefront of research theories and methodologies based on the work carried out by the different members of the network
  • developing and strengthening skills necessary for success in networking activities, conferences and participation in academic events
  • sharing research projects and generating opportunities for co-collaboration between disciplines, research groups and academic institutions
  • learning about the experiences of researchers, professors or other relevant people through webinars or conferences.
An image of four people walking through the outside sports area on the Edge Hill University campus

Who will be involved?

As we all have our research projects and workload, ideally, the activities will be led by different people depending on availability and interest. An idea is that the meetings be led by other people depending on the topics. It is important to have a person with the role of coordinator so that the information can be centralised, but there is no more than one or two hours of loading per week.