Transfer Arrangements

Transfer arrangements






If you’ve changed your mind about a module, a course or even your university, talk to us.  We can help you with the following options:

  • Transferring within the University: for module, course or programme or mode of study changes, please contact Team for more information.
  • Transferring outside the University: if you decide Edge Hill is not the right place for you, we want to ensure that you make an appropriate choice for your next steps, our Academic Records Team or Transitions Team are here to help you understand your options and answer any questions you may have about leaving the University.
  • Transferring into Edge Hill: if you are currently studying elsewhere. We recognise prior and experiential learning, so you may be able to transfer directly into year two or three, or you may be exempt from specific modules. Please contact our admissions team for more information.
  • if you are an applicant wanting to discuss a change to the course you have applied for please contact
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