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Winners of the Dragon’s Den Event 2018 (Bethan Crook, Lauren Challis, Amy Corrigan and Jessica Dearden), with Professor Geoff Beattie and “Dragons” Fran Cassidy (ex-Marketing Director of ITV) and Manus Wynne (TV Producer and Director)

As part of our dedication to providing meaningful student experiences, we integrate a number of key employability strategies both within our core curriculum as well as extra-curricular provision. A list of some of our activities is provided below

  • Educational placements– students on our Educational Psychology course are required to undertake educational work placements to aid their critical reflections of psychological theory in educational practice. Our partnerships with Educational Psychologists in the North West has enabled our students to undertake shadowing work within the second year of their course. Here is what our Educational Psychology students say about the value of their placements.

  • Student Participation in departmental research- designed to allow students to experience the importance of research (and the associated processes) in the subject of psychology
  • Paid Research Internship Scheme – designed for our students to apply for Staff Projects and work as Research Assistants, gaining relevant skills in their subject area
  • Work-related learning. We have a dedicated Work-Related Learning Officer (Andrew Whitty) that supports students gain relevant experience in different industries. For example, helping students during their degree to obtain Short Term Placements, Summer jobs, 12 month Industrial Placements and Internships.
  • Year 1: Essential Skills in Applied Psychology module – a compulsory module in the first year dedicated to developing our students academically, personally and professionally
  • Year 2: Applying Psychology module – a second year module in which invited guest speakers present insights into the relevance of psychology across a range of psychology-relevant careers. This module also hosts a Mock Assessment Centre, in which our students actively engage in the process of writing job application forms, psychometric testing and being interviewed.
  • Year 3: Reflections and Future Directions module – a final year compulsory module in which our students are encouraged to consider the broader nature of psychology in practice. We have typically structured this around a “Dragon’s Den” event which requires groups of students to develop an initiative in any area of applied psychology, but with particular emphasis on how it can be applied to the commercial world. After developing the initiative, our students must then pitch it to a panel of ‘dragons’ as well as other students within their year group. Our “Dragons” have been hugely impressed with the projects pitched to them as Fran Cassidy, founder of Cassidy Media Partnership and former marketing director of ITV/Carlton Television explained, “From the quality of the presentations and confidence of the students, I would say that their job prospects are extremely good.” Additionally, Manus Mynne, a TV producer and director who also judges at the event, added “I was very impressed by the high standards of the initiatives presented by the students. Not only were the presentations confident and well thought out, the skills developed at the university clearly informed pitches that had real commercial worth.’ Find out more here.
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