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Open days can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your university. It’s a good idea to see a university in person if you can. Feel the atmosphere in real time. And experience your future.

If you’re planning to attend your very first open day, you’ve probably got questions. What happens at an open day? Which sessions should you prioritise? Where should you go first? Or if you’ve already been to an Open Day before, is there anything you might be missing out on? Who better to ask than our current students, who were in your position not so long ago. And understand exactly how you’re feeling.

Third-year student Paige Pickles on campus

“I hadn’t made my decision before I attended my Open Day. But I soon made my mind up when I visited Edge Hill in person. I was hooked as soon as I stepped onto campus.”


Is Edge Hill a place where you’ll feel comfortable? Does your course offer the modules you’re interested in? Is Ormskirk a town where you could live? Attend an Open Day to find out more.
Read on to see what our current students think you should do at our Open Day.

1. Attend key information talks and subject presentations

Our Open Days are always packed with lots of information. But before you get distracted, your main focus should be on key information talks and subject presentations.

Our key information talks are helpful for parents and supporters. They cover topics like accommodation, student finance and more. As well as advising on how your supporters can be there for you throughout the next chapter in your academic story. The talks are also great at helping you to understand some of the feelings you might have and the experiences you’re about to go through.

We also recommend making your subject presentations your priority. They’re a really great way to get a taste of what it’ll be like to actually study the subject you’re interested in. And it’s a good way to plan your day. You can use the timings of your subject talks to plan your arrival and then factor in any other activities you want to do.

“It’s important to attend talks held by the tutors of your chosen subject to understand what they expect from you and what you’re likely to cover in your modules.”

Image of Law student, Nicole.

Key things you’ll learn include what topics your course will cover. The different tasks you’ll be asked to complete. How you’ll be assessed. What other opportunities you might have to study abroad or get work experience. And you can ask questions directly to those who teach the subject and those that study it. So you can make a more informed decision.

2. Speak to your future lecturers

Image of History & Politics student, Josephina.

Get a feel for Edge Hill’s welcoming community from the minute you step onto campus. Our support staff and students will be wearing purple vests and polo shirts so you can spot them easily. They’re all pleased to help and would love to chat to you about your interests. Find our knowledgeable tutors in their classrooms for all course-related questions. And don’t worry about getting lost, there’ll be plenty of helpers to point you in the right direction.

“I already knew I wanted to study History and Politics so when I went to the Open Day I spoke to those subject leaders.”


Visualise where your learning will take place once you start university. You may even stand in the very room you’ll be taught in. Or one that looks very similar. And it’ll help to build a picture of how you’ll learn on course.

“I would definitely recommend a visit to the building you’ll be learning in. It’ll help you to understand what your lessons will feel like. You’ll probably spend a lot of time there so have a see if it feels like an environment you’d like to learn in. Even early in the mornings.”


It’s completely ok if you haven’t decided on your course yet. Our friendly tutors are always happy to talk to you about what’s included on different courses. And they can help you to narrow down your options. If you’ve prepared some questions, bring them along to the day. Jot down any notes. And take away any course leaflets that interest you.

Image of Childhood and Youth Studies student, Hannah.

3. Chat with our students

Image of Computer Science student, Alexander. With a blue background

Spot our current students all around campus. They’ll be available all day to help you find where you need to be. And they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about studying and university life. Like how is the course taught? What’s Ormskirk’s nightlife like? Are there any good shops nearby? And what’s it like to become more independent and live in halls?

“Talk to as many current students as possible. Both in the department you’re looking at going into as well as students across campus to get their insight into university life.”


Our students will be pleased to share the activities you can get involved with. And they’ll be keen to talk to you about student experiences from a personal point of view. And get to know other prospective students. They could become your study buddy. Or a familiar face when you start your course.

“There were games, quizzes, and demonstrations that were a lot of fun. And I enjoyed speaking with other prospective students as well as the current student volunteers who guided us around the campus.”

An Edge Hill University student guide holding a sign which reads 'here to help' as a crowd walks past down a busy pathway at a recent open day.

4. Campus and accommodation tours

This is your chance to see our award-winning campus. Take a leisurely stroll around the grounds. And join a guided tour with one of our current students. To see what the landscaped gardens have to offer.

“You’ll hear and gain a lot more information on a guided tour than you would by just walking round by yourself. They’re led by students, so they have campus knowledge and secrets you’re not going to hear anywhere else.”

Students chatting in their university accommodation bedroom.

Picture yourself living on campus? Take an accommodation tour. Whether you’re certain that you’re going to be living on campus. Or haven’t decided yet. These tours are a great way to get a feel for what it would be like to live on campus. Make sure to pick up an Accommodation Guide at registration as it includes all the information you’ll need. From what’s included and how long you’ll have your room in halls to the different hall fees and how student finance can help you. You’ll find our Accommodation Team at the student experience fair and they’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have. And they can help to explain the different types of accommodation we have at Edge Hill.

“Take a tour of the different halls that are available. They’re far greater in person than photos. And this will definitely help when deciding where to live in first year.”


Get to know the local area too. With tours of Ormskirk, you can see the local sights that will become like second nature once you become a student. Find hangout spots, places to eat in between lectures and the local supermarkets.

“Take a walk into the local town once you’ve completed the tours on campus. If it’s a Saturday, you’ll probably see the market in full swing. I did this on my Open Day, and it was so good to see what was available in Ormskirk.”

Students walking together through the centre of Ormskirk.

5. Student experience fair

Members of staff help students at Open day. It includes Student Opportunities, Study Abroad, and the Language Centre.

The university experience doesn’t stop at lectures and teaching. It’s the support you receive throughout your time studying. And at Edge Hill we have a supportive culture that you become a part of as soon as you arrive.

Chat with various support teams from across the university. To find out more about the support on offer and how to access it. Whether it’s academic, mental health or any other support that you’re looking for.

“Make sure to visit the Student Support Services in the student experience fair. I found talking to the support staff very helpful. They gave me an overview of the wide range of services available to students. Including academic support, mental health support, and guidance on securing accommodation.”


Our support teams are available even before your studies begin. And an Open Day is your chance to experience the support in person.

Most of all, our Open Days are for you to enjoy as you make your university choices. And whether it’s your first time attending an Edge Hill Open Day. Or you’re coming for another look. They’re the best opportunity for you to get a real feel for Edge Hill.

Book your place and see for yourself.

June 5, 2023


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