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Planning on coming to an Edge Hill University open day? We hope you are. We’ve brought together some money saving and sustainability tips for travelling to our award-winning campus.

First things first

A prospective student and their parents gets advice from one of the student experience fair stalls at an Edge Hill University open day.

Plan your travel so that you arrive in good time for the event. We’ll send you an open day programme in the post and if you prefer digital, an online version will be available closer to the event. Choose which sessions to attend and plan your day around this. If you’re planning on going to a session that starts at 10am, we recommend that you arrive at 9am so you have plenty of time to register and ask us any questions you have. There’ll be lots of student guides and directions to show you where to go to do this. With any spare time you have before the session begins, you can visit our Student Experience Fair, which runs throughout the day. And help yourselves to free refreshments.

Registration is open all day, so if you do happen to arrive after the first session starts, you can still make your way to your chosen activities, but don’t forget to register after the session so we know you’ve arrived.

For the train users

Travelling off-peak is often much cheaper – check your train provider for more information.

Did you know you can save money on your train fare if you book your tickets a few weeks in advance? So book your place at our Open Day. And prebook your train tickets at the same time.

Or if you’re travelling with a friend or family member, take advantage of a duo ticket. So offers a cheaper train fare by travelling together.

If you travel by train a lot, railcards are a popular choice when it comes to saving money on your fare. Especially students. There are multiple options to choose from. Including family railcards, 16-17 savers and 16-25 railcards. Visit our travel page for help planning your journey.

Once you arrive in Ormskirk, we’re just a short walk from Ormskirk train station. Or hop on our Edge Link bus service. It’s free on our open days and it’s just a two-minute walk to the bus stop using the footpath from the train station.

So save yourself some money on your travels. And find out more about Edge Hill at the same time.

Students walking along the platform at Ormskirk train station.
Approximate travel times* from:
A woman seen from behind in the left of the image, wearing high vis and a purple foam finger that says edge hill university. In the background are a group walking toward her.

Taking the bus?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to get to Ormskirk? Taking the bus is a great option. Single route bus tickets have been capped at £2 for adults and £1.30 for children in various locations across the country until 31 October 2023. Some routes even offer family tickets. Don’t worry if your bus route ends in the centre of town. Head to the local bus station – our free Edge Link bus service will bring you directly to campus. And you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. So make a day of the event and bring along your family, friends and supporters.

Approximate travel times* from (dependent on traffic):

Travelling by car?

This can often be an easier way to travel. Especially if you don’t live close to public transport links. Map out your journey beforehand. We’re easy to find from the M58 motorway. But make sure to check online interactive maps to ensure there are no delays. It’ll help you to find the quickest route so get here in plenty of time to enjoy your visit.

And we offer free car parking to our open day guests. Why not find a friend who is also visiting and carshare? This will split your travel costs and cut down on emissions.

Two parents stand on a bridge with a prospective student reading an open day brochure
Approximate travel times* (dependent on traffic):

Cycling facilities

If you’re planning to cycle all, or part, of the way, Ormskirk is cyclist friendly. And we’ve got lots of places to store your bike when you get here. Check out the dedicated cycle lane route from the train station to Ruff Lane where it’s just a two-minute ride to the University. For information on our bicycle storage facilities, visit our travel page.

Helping you cut the cost

If the cost of travelling to our Open Day is putting you off visiting us, we can support you. We’ll make a contribution towards your travel costs. You can find out more about this on our travel costs webpage.

And lunch is on us too for you and your guests. So you’ll also get the chance to try out some of the food choices on campus.

May 12, 2023


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