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An image of law students holding a moot.
Edge Hill University Law Society launch new strategy

The Edge Hill University Law Society promotes and facilitates valuable opportunities for students to develop their academic and legal skills. Students are also able to network with industry experts, which can enhance graduate attributes and boost employability skills. The Law Society is independent from, but works in partnership with, the School of Law, Criminology and Policing at Edge Hill University.

Current Law Society President Lara Webber has designed and produced a new strategy. She explains more about this unique opportunity below and why students should get involved.

Law student facing the camera and smiling. stood at a window. university campus in the background

The Law Society is made up of 13-5 students from all year groups, all with differing roles. The Society is unique in that it embraces the concept of ‘Student as Producer’ (Neary and Winn, 2009*). It is co-created by students, for the benefit of students. Our main aim is to allow students to get the most out of their degree and have opportunities to discover the law field before they graduate.

As a Society we organise academic events to further the knowledge of all students. An example of this is our Women in Law event as part of International Women’s Day. This particular event was used to both inspire and educate students on how different it is for women to break into the law field along with navigating imposter syndrome.  

We also organise both a winter and summer Law Ball. At these important social events, we celebrate the semester that we have just completed and have an opportunity to relax and be together as students and lecturers. Workshops run throughout the year on general student issues like LinkedIn profiles, west law workshops and referencing aid. These are completed both online and in person and continue to aid students to have the best skill sets in their degree.

Mentorship is another element of the Society; we encourage our more advanced students (3rd/2nd Year) to be mentors for 1st Years who would like someone to be there for them throughout their first year of uni. It can be daunting for 1st Years to be in a new environment and have few people to ask their ‘stupid’ questions to, this is why the buddying scheme was created.

“Being part of the Law Society has completely transformed my individual confidence and knowledge within the legal field. The Society has allowed me to have an abundance of experiences like mooting internally and externally, representing Edge Hill University nationally in negotiation along with being able to network with legal professionals who are well into their career. I am graduating this year and without the Society I would be going into the legal profession blind and at a great disadvantage.”

Lara Webber
LLB (Hons) Law
President of the Law Society

Our Society is dedicated to ensuring students graduate as extremely employable individuals who stand out to employers. Many law schools do not offer internal experiences for their students so in that we feel we are unique. Having these opportunities for students mean they have the best chance to improve their skills and CV for a field which is so competitive.

“The Edge Hill University Student Law Society is an amazing network for students to seize opportunities and get involved with extra curriculars that enhance their knowledge of their future career path whilst enhancing their CV. For me, through being a part of the society I was able to meet likeminded people and delve into the world of law in a friendly student-led environment. The Law Society has completely shaped my university experience through its workshops, competitions and panel and networking events.”

Megan Gough
LLB (Hons) Law
Dr Jennifer Giblin Senior Lecturer in Law, professional headshot photo

“The Law Society are an asset to the School. They strive to support their colleagues and enhance the student experience through numerous activities and events including mooting and negotiation competitions, guest speaker panel events, buddying schemes and social events.

Many of the activities the Law Society undertake complement modules on the LLB programme and students within the Society have used their initiative to share their experiences of these modules with other students to support their learning and skill development.” 

Dr Jennifer Giblin
Senior Lecturer in Law

*Neary, M and Winn, J (2009) The Student as Producer: reinventing the student experience in higher education. In: The future of higher education: policy, pedagogy and the student experience. Continuum, London, pp. 192-210. ISBN 1847064728

February 2, 2023