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Broadening Your Horizons

Here at Edge Hill University, we pride ourselves on the unique opportunities we offer our students, and one of the ways we have built on this is by developing our postgraduate study options for students who wish to take their learning to the next level.

In 2015, our Department of Sport and Physical Activity launched their MSc programme in Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health, offering equal study of these three related areas.

This unique MSc programme has been designed to allow students to completely personalise their learning experience, based on which topics, settings and age ranges they are most interested in. And whilst gaining next-level academic learning, the applied nature of the course means that everything you learn will be relevant to real-world situations – you’ll put theory into practice throughout the course. The programme is open to graduates from a range of subject areas, bringing a diverse group of minds together to critically analyse sport, physical activity and mental health.

Tony Bellew and others at Everton in the Community Event

Many students who study an undergraduate degree at Edge Hill choose to go on to the MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health programme, as it can act as a springboard into a range of varied careers. You’ll build on the knowledge you have gained during your first three years with us, and tailor your learning to the topics you want to know more about. Personalising your learning in this way allows you to become a specialist, setting you up perfectly for a career in the sector or age group that suits you most.

The applied nature of the course will prepare you for success, and previous graduates have gone on to achieve some fantastic job roles, including Sport and Mental Health Officer, Player Care Manager and Children and Young People’s Mental Health Worker. Alternatively, you could go on to study for a PhD – at Edge Hill or further afield. To find out a little more about why this programme is an ideal stepping stone from an undergraduate degree, we spoke to Liam and Chelsea, two Edge Hill graduates who joined the MSc programme last year.

A Sports Therapy student monitors one of their peers as they ride an exercise bike.

Chelsea studied BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy here at Edge Hill, and felt that she had much more to learn about a broad range of sport and health topics. Chelsea felt this was a great way to broaden her horizons when it came to graduate career options.

“I’ve always been interested in sport and have been involved in sport since primary school. I always knew I wanted a job and career involving sport, but I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in. I loved studying Sports Therapy, but still didn’t feel quite ready to settle on a career pathway. That’s when I heard about the MSc programme. Mental health was an important and interesting topic to me, and doing further study would help widen my job opportunities. It’s safe to say it’s the course I never knew I needed, and I’m so glad I applied.”

Studying the MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health programme at Edge Hill has helped Chelsea realise where her true passion lies – and her graduate career ambitions are now becoming clear.

“I have loved everything about the course, but the thing I’ve enjoyed most is learning how to help and support children with mental health problems through sport. When I graduate, I would love to find a full-time job where I can help children and young people with/ at risk of mental health problems. The MSc has opened up so many extra-curricular experiences to take part in while studying, to help me build up my confidence before finding a full-time job. The lecturers are very supportive and have been incredibly helpful from day one – they have opened up my mind to job roles and pathways I never knew existed.”

Sports students in the gym, with notes on paper on the floor.

For BA (Hons) Sports Management and Coaching graduate Liam, his desire to learn more about the topics he enjoyed studying most was what drew his interest in the programme.

“Because I’d studied a sport-related undergraduate degree here at Edge Hill, I knew what to expect in terms of lecture and seminar structure as well as being experienced in the different styles of assessments that are used. This gave me a solid foundation for feeling comfortable and confident that I could succeed on the MSc programme. The programme is filled with opportunities for learning around a wide range of topics. I really love that there is a certain freedom when completing assessments – for instance, you can link your assessments to certain sports and locations which are personal to you – which makes the work you’re doing much more meaningful.”

Joining the MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health programme has set Liam up perfectly for pursuing his career goals.

“I’d like to help people and work towards achieving health equity. I want my work to have a positive impact for those who have faced inequalities and not had access to the care they need, and I’d like to help ensure that mental illness is treated with the same severity as any physical illness. The MSc programme has helped me work towards my career goals, as I have learned why certain things effect every individual differently as a result of biopsychosocial factors. I’ve gained a wider view of the world and I’ve developed in my ability to hold less judgement and greater understanding for the needs of us as humans.”

The MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health programme at Edge Hill University is open to graduates from all subject areas. So, whether you choose to study a sport programme with us, a related programme in health or education, or something different entirely– the MSc is a great further study option.

January 11, 2023