Dr Raef Dahab

Two Edge Hill University alumni have transitioned from being on one side of the lecture theatre to the other.

Dr Raef Dahab and Dr Gershan Davies have both landed teaching positions in the Medical School after graduating from Edge Hill’s MSc Leadership Development (Medical Leadership and Management) course in 2019.

Dr Dahab, who lives in Warrington, is Senior Lecturer in Post Graduate Medical Education and Dr Davies, from Bolton, is the Undergraduate Medicine Phase 2 Clinical Lead.

A consultant in spinal injuries rehabilitation at Salford Royal Hospital, Dr Dahab said: “I was offered the opportunity, as a speciality registrar at the time, to do two modules at the University; Teaching and Learning in the Medical Workplace and Medical Leadership, which were funded by Health Education North West. I really enjoyed the modules, so once they were finished I enrolled onto the full Masters programme and haven’t looked back.”

“Learning how to lead a group of people through new change opened my mind to fresh concepts of our role as medical educators. The whole programme was well designed, with lots of support from the module leads, tutors and my fellow students.

“Whilst studying at Edge Hill, I often thought it would be a lovely place to work one day. It just so happened that the new Medical School was advertising for lecturers when two years after completing my Masters. It was like a dream come true when I was offered the position. Edge Hill is a really nice environment to learn and work, and I’m glad that I can now contribute towards that friendly atmosphere.”

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