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As part of the remit of the Institute a series of public seminars is organised each year. During the coming year ISR will host a number of events (the majority of which are open to the public) covering such themes as, Health and Well Being, and the User and Community Engagement in Service Reform.  Find out more about ISR here.

EHU Staff: If you are having an event that relates to the ISR remit, and would like to explore ISR event support, please visit our wiki page.

15th Apr 2021 12:00

Webinar: Life in the Canopy – Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation

Sponsored by ISR and organised by SustainNET, in this talk Dr Anne Oxbrough and Dr Sven Batke will talk about forest canopies being one of the most biodiverse habitats on our planet. We will examine the global importance of forest canopies, their diversity and sustainable conservation management and advances in access that allowed us to push the boundaries of scientific investigations. We will be discussing state of the art research and draw from personal experience studying forest canopies in Ireland, the UK and Central America.
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21st Apr 2021 12:00

Webinar: Sustainability through the Lens of Development Education and Global Learning

Dr Andrea Bullivant
Sponsored by ISR and organised by SustainNET, this webinar looks at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 which emphasises the role of education in promoting human rights, gender equality and peace, alongside and interconnected with sustainable development. Drawing on her experience in the field of Development Education and Global Learning, Dr Andrea Bullivant will share alternative lenses or frameworks for engaging with sustainability and related challenges; argue for the contribution of Development and Global Learning in bringing holistic and critical perspectives to sustainability; and provide insight into the landscape of organisations and movements working to reorientate education towards SDG 4.7.
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21st Apr 2021 17:00

Webinar: Participatory Research in the Pandemic:
Doing Socially Distanced Social Responsibility

Overcoming digital divides, building social connections and acting in a socially responsible way in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t easy. COVID-19 has exacerbated existing inequalities, with those already experiencing digital poverty excluded from what was an almost exclusively digital policy response. This webinar series discusses how or indeed if we can do socially distanced social responsibility.  In the third of our ISR series on Socially Distanced Social Responsibility we focus on participatory research.
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29th Apr 2021 12:00

Webinar: Addressing the SDGs with Primary Education

Louise Hawxwell
Sponsored by ISR and organised by SustainNET, this webinar will discuss the importance of teacher education addressing complex issues linked to the SDGs, including climate and ecological justice, gender inequalities, and so on. There is a current lack of pedagogical strategies for exploring these in the classroom. Louise Hawxwell will look at some of the ways in which they may be delivered through the ITT curriculum drawing on examples from her own practice.
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7th May 2021 13:30

100 Years of Women at the BBC

Critical Studies in Television Workshop
In 2022, one hundred years will have passed since the formation of the British Broadcasting Company, later to become the pioneering public service broadcaster best known as the BBC. This workshop will explore one specific aspect of the BBC’s history: its relationship with women. The workshop will present fresh and innovative work-in-progress research on women at the BBC. Presentations will explore the careers of some pioneering female workers at the BBC. The workshop aims to shed fresh light on influential figures such as Grace Wyndham Goldie and Jill Craigie; to draw attention to careers that are often overlooked – such as gramophone operators or production designers; to re-examine forgotten on-screen personalities; and to consider women’s contributions to prestigious BBC strands such as Play for Today.
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18th May 2021 18:30

Film Screening: The Atom: A Love Affair

Dr Philippa Holloway & Vicki Lesley
The Atom: a Love Affair is a sweeping story of technological obsession, political imperatives and powerful, conflicting passions. The film is an ambitious international feature documentary spanning more than 7 decades and 5 different countries, exploring the West’s rollercoaster love-hate relationship with nuclear power since the end of World War 2. It’s a dramatic tale of belief, betrayal, intrigue and hope, told by the scientists, engineers, politicians and campaigners who experienced it first-hand. The screening will be followed by Q&A with the film maker, Vicki Lesley, and author and nuclear psychogeographer, Dr Philippa Holloway.
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19th May 2021 12:00

Webinar: Evaluating our Work on Sustainable Development Goals: The Human Capability Approach

Prof John Sandars, Edge hill University
Sponsored by ISR and organised by SustainNET. An essential aspect of both education for sustainability and the practical implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is the evaluation of the outcome. The human capability approach offers a person-centred evaluation of what is valued. The different methods and challenges of using the capability approach will be discussed.
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28th June – 2nd Jul 2021

Festival of Ideas 2021

At the end of June 2021 Edge Hill University will host its fifth Festival of Ideas which explores the theme of ‘Renewal: Creativity, Community, Curiosity’ in a stimulating programme of events. The Festival of Ideas is a series of events to engage academics, students and members of the public in conversations upon a common theme. The Festival draws on academic strands within the University’s three Research Institutes and the Data Science Research Centre.
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2nd Jul 2021 09:00

Conference: Victims of Terrorism and State Responses

The Law and Criminology Department at Edge Hill University, alongside the Institute for Social Responsibility and in partnership with The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation have collaborated to present an interdisciplinary-based conference looking at how the criminal justice system accommodates and assists the victims of terrorism. The event is sponsored by The Modern Law Review Seminar Fund.
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Evidence Network for Renting – Inaugural Conference:

‘Renting in 2020 and Beyond: Development of a Shared Research and Policy Agenda’
We are sadly announcing the postponement of our inaugural conference until early 2021 (new dates to be confirmed). Covid-19 has affected everyone, and to ensure the safety of attendees and speakers, we feel that it is best to postpone until we have more certainty over safety. Postponed to 2021

Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of the University.  Any under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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