Students’ Union

Everything we do at Edge Hill Students’ Union is shaped by students, and we’re here to represent ALL students at Edge Hill University…including YOU!

And this year, we will be closer to faculties than ever before meaning, whether you’re a Health, Faculty of Arts and Science, or Education student, you can tell us EXACTLY what you want from your Students’ Union.

Want to know about the biggest and best events on campus? Need help with an academic dispute? Whatever it is, our job is to ensure you get the most out of your student experience!

But we can only do our job if you tell us what you want.

Throughout your time at Edge Hill, we want to:

  • understand what you care about
  • make sure we are helping the broadest range of students possible
  • ensure you enjoy a high quality academic experience and back you up if you are struggling
  • support and encourage you to develop your interests and shape your future
  • inspire you to develop new ideas, be creative, and campaign for change

Every year Edge Hill students elect student officers and student reps to be the student voice

Our student officers are supported by a team of full and part-time staff, as well as part-time officers and reps who are elected to represent LGBQ+ students, BAME students, mature/part time students, postgraduate students, women, students at our Manchester campus, international students, student parents, and trans & non-binary students.

Course reps will also support you with issues you may be having during your studies, or with changes you’d like to make to your academic experience. We also sit on academic boards to ensure students are always considered in any decision made by the university.

This is why it’s SO important that you vote in our SU elections in March to make sure the people making decisions reflect your voice too!

We offer free, independent, confidential advice

Our hugely popular Advice Centre is on campus to offer you support and guidance in key areas such as academic issues, welfare benefits, housing, money, and debt. And remember! We’re completely independent from the university, so you don’t have to worry about your confidentiality when you visit our Advice Centre for academic guidance.

We offer both face-to-face and phone appointments to help make the service accessible for all students on and off-campus, and it’s really easy to book an appointment.

We look after societies

Joining a society is one of the best ways to get involved in student life at university, meet like-minded people, and most importantly, have fun! Last year was a record year for society numbers and there are more being created all the time – you can even start your own, and our team can help you to run it, recruit members, and sort out the money stuff too.

All the information you need is available here

Events?! Yep, we do definitely do those!
We pride ourselves on creating fantastic student events, with a jam-packed Welcome Week schedule and a better-than-ever ‘Give it a Go!’ calendar for 2020/21, with trips, masterclasses, workshops, socialising opportunities, and more.

We hold special events for mature and commuting students too, to help you find friends and settle in. We also organise the epic Graduation Ball, and run the SU Bar and VENUE, with events on nearly every night on campus.
Give it a couple of weeks, and you too will be a regular at our Monday night Smartphone Quizzes, Wednesday night SOCIALS, and Friday Night Karaoke blow-outs!

We’re the on-campus sellers of hoodies, TOTUM by NUS Extra cards and everything in between!
Looks like you’ve arrived at Edge Hill at the perfect time… BRAND NEW in 2019/20, we introduced Stone Willy’s Kitchen to our SU Bar, purveyors of the best pizzas and loaded fries on campus. That’s in addition to our existing campus Subway which you can now order directly to your halls room via Just Eat!

We are also the official Edge Hill merchandise sellers on campus, and even have a hugely popular online shop for when walking to the SU building is just too much effort!

And you can also add to the list that we’re the official licensed sellers of the TOTUM by NUS Extra card – a must for postgrad students to get amazing local, national and international discounts and deals. You can also download the TOTUM app to access all of the Students’ Union events, upcoming campaigns, and to see all the ways you can get involved in university life at Edge Hill!

It’s so much better when we’re together…
We want you to want to be involved in everything we do, so follow us on social media (don’t forget to like, share, tag and comment!) and get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, views, and ideas.

Unofficial Freshers’ Facebook groups and events warning
Edge Hill Students’ Union have already created the “OFFICIAL Edge Hill Freshers 2020-21” Facebook group which you can join today!

This group is for new students to find friends, share stories, meet new people, ask questions, and talk about anything Edge Hill.

Every year hundreds of our new students join UNOFFICIAL Freshers’ Facebook groups, which persuade students to part with their money for wristbands and tickets, which never arrive, for events that don’t happen – we want to put an end to this!

Head to Facebook and join our OFFICIAL Edge Hill Freshers 2019-20 and post a message to say ‘Hi’!

F: /edgehillsu
T: @edgehillsu
I: edgehillsu

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