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Student feedback

We welcome feedback around the services we offer and we will give students a regular opportunity to provide feedback about the service. We also welcome informal feedback and this can be given directly to the SpLD Adviser or emailed to [email protected]

Since accessing SpLD Support I’ve found that:

  • ‘The advisers were extremely helpful’
  • ‘The support is great and the staff are really helpful.’
  • ‘I now have a lot more techniques for revision and note-taking.’

My engagement with the SpLD service impacted on my results because:

  • ‘My learning support queries were answered’
  • ‘I can now re-read my work more effectively and check references’
  • ‘I have more confidence knowing that my support is in place’
  • ‘My time management has improved’
  • ‘My writing style has improved and I know how to structure things better’
  • ‘I read more effectively and have more confidence in what I’m doing’
  • ‘I plan work more carefully and spend more time on it’
  • ‘I am less anxious about assignment writing now that I’ve got more strategies in place’
  • ‘I’ve been shown how to use different techniques and technologies and this has helped me to get higher grades’