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The food served to our customers at our in-house catered outlets will provide allergen information in a clear and consistent way. Making it easier for our customers to make informed decisions on their purchases.

Information on the 14 allergens will be provided for all the ingredients used in our freshly prepared food. The information is available for our customers on our electronic boards, located at the point of sale. In addition, all of our catering staff have access to allergen information and trained to advise our customers accurately on all our dishes served daily.

14 Major Allergens

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Dietary Requirements

Food at Edge Hill recognise that guests, students and staff may have dietary requirements and are very proud to be able to cater for a diverse range of dietary needs.

Please note that while we aim to meet individual requests, we cannot always guarantee to do so and it is considered the customer’s obligation to advise our staff about allergies and dietary needs. If you would like further information or have any queries regarding our in-house catering, contact us so that a member of the Food at Edge Hill team can discuss your requirements further.


Contains no meat, fish or fowl. Any cheeses used are vegetarian based.
Vegetarian options are identifiable on our menus marked with a (V).

Vegan logoVegan

Contains no meat, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy products.
If Vegan catering is required we require 24 hrs notice as vegan meals are not standard items on our menu.

Gluten free logoGluten Free

Gluten free meals contain no barley, wheat, rye or oats.
We can supply wrapped gluten free products from a local certified baker. Alternatively we can supply meals made with non-gluten containing ingredients.

Religious Dietary Requirements

Please note that none of our kitchens on campus are certified to prepare either Halal or Kosher dishes. Please contact us to discuss your catering requirements.

Medical Dietary Requirements

Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.