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Ethical investment policy

Edge Hill University routinely invests funds with third party organisations in accordance with Treasury Policy through the regular investment of surplus funds.

Wherever possible, the University wishes to make such investments in ways that are consistent with the mission and aims of the University as expressed in the Strategic Plan.

The University’s ethical investment policy is based on the premise that the University’s choice of where to invest should reflect the ethical values it espouses in public life.

The University will not knowingly invest in organisations whose activities include practices which directly pose a risk of serious harm to individuals or groups, or whose activities are inconsistent with the mission and values of the University.

In order to give effect to its commitment to this policy the University will:

  • review on a regular basis whether any investment is contrary to this policy statement,
  • consider representation from members of the University community that the University should not invest, or should disinvest, in specific organisations,
  • ensure those responsible for managing the University’s investments are fully aware of the University’s responsibility for social, ethical and environmental, as well as financial, factors,
  • monitor the operation and effectiveness of this policy on an annual basis.