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GCSE or level 2 equivalency tests

This page will give you more information about the equivalency tests, what you can expect and what is required from you.

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Thank you for choosing Edge Hill University for your GCSE or Level 2 equivalency test.

Please register for your test if you have not already.

Register for your test

Equivalency test routes

We offer two different routes to take your equivalency tests.

Standalone tests

Revise at home at your own pace and then choose your test date.

See available test dates

Revision Courses

If you attend a tutor-led revision course, you will have a set date for your first attempt at the test. If for any reason you can’t make this date or need to resit the test, you will be able to book onto any of the standalone dates.

All candidates are entitled to one attempt at the exam and two further resits if you’re unsuccessful.

If you initially opted for the standalone equivalency test and would like to swap to a revision course, this is possible with an extra £165 payment for GCSE or an extra £110 payment for Level 2. In that case, any attempts already taken of the test will be deducted from the three attempts permitted.

Top-up to the GCSE tutor-led course Top-up to the Level 2 tutor-led course

Our equivalency tests are designed to help Edge Hill University applicants meet the Level 2 and GCSE requirements for the majority of Edge Hill programmes.


The tests are not suitable for medicine programmes

Other universities may accept our equivalent tests, however, it is your responsibility to check with the individual institutions first.

The tests have been designed and delivered by the Access Programmes team at Edge Hill University and they are not validated through a national examination body.

Revision materials

Level 2

Please see the relevant revision pack for your equivalency test preparation.

GCSE equivalency tests

We will also send a revision pack containing guidance and past papers to candidates who’ve booked a GCSE equivalency test. Your pack will arrive in the post to the address provided within the next 7 days. Additionally, we recommend that you use other GCSE revision materials, such as those produced by AQA or the BBC GCSE Bitesize website.

Book your test

On the day of your exam

Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your exam to allow time for registration. Please wait outside the exam room until registration begins.

If you arrive 0-15 minutes after the start of the exam , you will be able to sit your test, but you won’t receive any extra time.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of the exam, you will be refused entry and advised to re-book your test. Under those circumstances the exam won’t count as one of your attempts.

Exam conditions
Question papers and answer booklets
What to bring

Receiving results and deadline dates

Please allow at least 4 weeks for the examiner to mark your paper. We will call you on your contact number as soon as we have your result.

Once you have successfully passed an equivalency test you’ll receive a certificate from Edge Hill University. We will post your certificate to your registered address within 10 working days. You must notify us within 15 working days if you haven’t received the certificate, otherwise, after this time there will be a charge.

It’s important that you keep your certificate safe as proof of your achievement. If you lose your certificate or require a replacement, the charge is £5.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to inform Edge Hill Tests of a change of address. Please contact us if you have changed address since registering for your test so that we can send your certificate to the correct location.

If you don’t pass the test on your first attempt, you’ll have two further opportunities to resit your exam.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you book on to tests in a timely manner. During busy periods our exam rooms can reach capacity and we can’t guarantee you a place. Remember to allow at least 4 weeks to receive your results.

The 31st August is the deadline for Edge Hill University applicants to meet the conditions of their offer before a September start. To meet this deadline, we recommend that you sit your tests before the 31st July. We’ll continue to offer tests over the summer period, but we can’t guarantee that results will return in time for the conditions deadline.

Payments and refunds

You must make payment at the time of booking on to a test or revision course. There is no financial support, loan or grant available to cover the cost of these tests.

Once you have made payment, we ask that you make at least one attempt at your test within one year of payment.

We will only issue refunds in the following circumstances:

  • If no attempt at the test has been made and it is less than 1 year since initial payment.
  • If a revision course or test is withdrawn, where there is no suitable alternative available.
  • Edge Hill reserves the right to cancel revision courses if an insufficient number of students have registered. In this case applicants will be offered either a refund or an alternative date.

Additional needs

If you have additional needs, we will  make reasonable adjustments to the exam format to meet your requirements.

All our venues are accessible, but, if you have a disability please speak to us in advance so that we can discuss your requirements.

If you have a specific learning need and have a formal assessment or report recommending specific adjustments to your exam conditions, we will endeavour to meet them.

For all additional requirements, we ask that you let us know and provide any evidence needed at least five working days before the exam date. We can’t guarantee being able to meet requests made on the day of your test.

If English is not your first language, the GCSE Equivalency test and Level 2 Literacy equivalency test can show competence in English. However, you should note that this is not an ESOL support programme and you’ll have to demonstrate a good standard of written English and understanding in order to pass our tests.

We are unable to approve extra time in exams for candidates on the basis that English is their second language. All candidates must be assessed according to the same marking criteria and following the same regulations, so that grades and certificates have the same validity.


A borderline exam mark will automatically result in your paper being re-marked and the marks awarded will be re-counted. Additional requests for re-marking and re-counting will not be approved for this reason.

Candidates have three opportunities to sit each subject exam. We can provide feedback following each of your exams to support you in your re-sits.

If after three unsuccessful attempts at passing the exam a candidate feels that they have been unfairly measured against the examination assessment criteria, an appeal can be made.

  1. Appeals must be made as early as possible and within 30 days of receiving your final exam result.
  2. Appeals must be made in writing to [email protected] for the attention of the Access Programmes Manager.
  3. The Access Programmes Manager’s decision as to whether to proceed with an appeal will follow a review of any feedback you have received from the examiner to date.
  4. If an appeal is approved, the Access Programmes Manager will appoint a member of the University academic team, who has no involvement in the assessment process for Equivalency Tests, to independently review your exam answers against the examination assessment criteria. Feedback will then be provided to the Access Programmes Manager.
  5. The purpose of the appeal will be to decide whether the process used for the assessment conformed to the published assessment criteria as detailed in the exam specification provided to all candidates.
  6. The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, which could result in no change, revised marks, or elevation to a pass mark.
  7. Should the appeal bring any significant irregularity in procedures to light, the Access Programmes Manager will act accordingly to rectify the assessment criteria for all future candidates.
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Get in touch

If you have any queries about the equivalency tests, please get in touch.