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Faculty of Education Clearing offers

This information should help you to address any offer conditions you may have and guide you to the next steps once your conditions have been satisfied.

It is important that you address the conditions of your offer immediately to have your place confirmed as quickly as possible. Failure to do so could result in delays at enrolment which would also delay your Student Finance payments.

Offer conditions

Your offer letter will itemise all of the conditions of your offer. Your place is not confirmed until you have met all of the conditions of your offer. If you have any outstanding offer conditions at the start of the course, you will be able to attend the early sessions however you will not be allowed to enrol until all of the offer conditions have been satisfied.

Sending your qualifications

If we have asked you to send us some of your qualifications, please be aware that we need to see your original certificates – scanned or photocopied certificates cannot be accepted.

You should not wait until enrolment to send your qualifications to us, as this will delay your full enrolment onto the course.

Verify your certificates

Receipt of a satisfactory reference

If you have already applied through UCAS we may already have a satisfactory reference for you. However if you haven’t applied through UCAS this year, you will need to arrange for a reference to be sent to us to add to your application.

If you have been in education within the last five years, we would normally expect to have an academic reference for you, so if this is the case you should ask one of your former teachers or tutors to provide a reference for you. If you have not been in education within the last five years, an appropriate employment/experience reference could be accepted. Your referee should not be a friend or family member.

Sending the reference

Medical and DBS checks

You will need to have satisfactory medical and DBS clearance before you can enrol on the course. The next steps regarding your Medical and DBS checks will be sent to you by email.

It is vitally important that you do not delay with submitting these checks. Any delays in submitting the checks could delay your enrolment onto the course and your student finance payments. Please refer to the information accompanying your offer letter for full details and guidance.

Referring your UCAS clearing application to us

If you have a 2023 UCAS application, you will need to refer your UCAS Clearing Application through your UCAS application to us for your place to be confirmed. 

UCAS should have already provided information on how you can do this, however we have provided a step-by-step guide for you:

  • Log into your UCAS application
  • Click on Add Clearing choice*
  • Select the Institution first – Edge Hill University is E42
  • Select the Course Code – this is on your offer letter or email from us
  • Select the location – Main Site
  • Select Start Date
  • Select Entry Point – select 1 for the first year of the course
  • Live at Home – asks if you want to live in Halls or at Home
  • Click Next

If you haven’t applied through UCAS at all this year, please complete the UCAS registration form.

Next steps

Get in touch

If you would like to chat to us regarding your offer, we are here to support you.