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Explore our ongoing research undertakings within our physical literacy project.

Physical literacy in children and young people

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The project is based, in part, on the “Physical Literacy in Children Questionnaire (PLC Quest) (version 1)”, with permission of Sport Australia and aims to validate this new questionnaire for its use in primary school aged children in England. The project will also look at the current levels and inequalities of children’s physical, psychological, social, and cognitive capabilities (physical literacy) in Northwest England, as well as how physical literacy relates to physical activity and different aspects of health and wellbeing. The information gathered from the project will help to evaluate the questionnaire and its potential use in schools to better understand the links between children’s physical literacy, physical activity, and associated health benefits.

The project is a collaboration with colleagues at Deakin University and is in partnership with the West Lancashire Sports Partnership, Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, and the Chorley School Sport Partnership.