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The Ageing Brain

The Ageing Brain research group is focused on using the tools of cognitive neuroscience to understand how learning ability, neuroplasticity, memory, and emotional cognition change over the lifespan. It has special interests in cognitive techniques that promote neuroplasticity in older people, and early behavioural and biomarkers of cognitive decline.

Our approaches include neuroplasticity enhancement though ‘cerebellar challenge’ (Professor Rod Nicolson), and non-invasive brain stimulation, EEG (Dr Stergios Makris , Esteban Correa, Dr Antonio Capozio); learning and forgetting in spatial memory and navigation (Dr Dorothy Tse); Emotion perception (Dr Nicola van Rijsbergen) and Emotional Health (Eleanor ClarkeDr Felicity Wolohan); Age effects in eye-witness memory (Dr Joyce Humphries), and recovery from stroke and brain injury (Dr Alex Balani).

Public engagement and intervention

We are keen to use our research insights to make a difference in the world. We are interested in promoting healthy ageing through behavioural change (throughout the life span, as the best way to age healthily is to start young) and many of our projects involve local communities (e.g. The Aging better project with the Aughton & Ormskirk u3a; local youth groups).

Current projects

  • Memory and spatial navigation: How does prior knowledge help new learning in memory in middle age and elderly populations? (Dr Dorothy Tse)
  • Memory and spatial navigation: Using Minecraft to assess the effect of prior knowledge on new learning and memory (Dr Dorothy Tse and Dr Michel Belyk)

Featured Projects

Ageing better with an active mind

Led by Dr Dorothy Tse and Dr Nicola van Rijsbergen, “Ageing better with an active mind” is an exciting project focused on fundamental health issues confronting our society. This project was created to address the disconnection between national ​advice on healthy ageing and practice in Lancashire and Merseyside where the elderly population with dementia is higher than the national average.

View the Ageing Better website

Healthy Brain, Healthy Life

Led by Dr Dorothy Tse and funded by a grant from Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Inspire Fund, the Healthy Brain, Healthy Life public engagement project aims to create dialogue and engage with minority ethnic communities around brain health and dementia. The goal is to increase knowledge around brain health and the positive steps people can take to improve their brain health and reduce their risk of dementia.

View the Healthy Brain, Healthy Life project


Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved in our Ageing Brain research