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Law Clinic

The Law Clinic provides free of charge, confidential legal advice to all staff and students at the University (Ormskirk, Lancashire). Under the supervision of Law Clinic Directors and Solicitors, Adele Gallagher and Charles Lawrence plus solicitors from external legal practices, final year law students can gain direct experience of advising real clients with genuine legal issues.

Our students have a practical and in-depth experience which enhances their employability skills in a wide range of practice areas. 

Edge Hill University Law Clinic provides free legal advice to members of the public.

The Law Clinic has now concluded for this year and will resume in the next academic year.

“The Law Clinic provides students with an immersive learning environment where they can apply legal theory to real-life legal problems. Through hands-on involvement in cases spanning various practice areas students develop practical legal skills such as communication, case analysis, legal research and legal writing. The Law Clinic also fosters a sense of professional responsibility and ethical awareness, as students navigate complex legal issues under the guidance of experienced solicitors. Beyond skill development, the clinic provides students with the opportunity to make a tangible impact on their communities by providing free legal services. This experience not only instills a sense of social responsibility but also enhances students’ understanding of social justice issues. Overall, through a hands-on approach to learning, students not only deepen their understanding of the law but also develop the empathy and ethical integrity necessary for a fulfilling legal career.”

Adele Gallagher, Solicitor and Director of the Law Clinic

“The Law Clinic provides students with hands-on real world experience working under the supervision of legal professionals. The clinic gives the students the tools to develop expertise in teamworking, research, interviewing, problem solving and letter writing along with a number of other skills which contribute to the majority of the graduate attributes required. The Law Clinic helps to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical. The opportunity to choose this module is a huge selling point to prospective employers.”

Charles Lawrence, Solicitor and Director of the Law Clinic

Types of legal matters considered

The Law Clinic gives advice on most personal legal issues, providing a great grounding for students as they gain a solid insight into law in practice. This year students provided advice on family law, wills and probate issues, employment and contract law, criminal offences, problems with landlords, property matters including land sales and boundary disputes and personal injury issues. We also work with external legal practitioners in private practice, including Kristina Stoddern of Maxwell Hodge Solicitors and Darren White of HCB Solicitors Ltd, who supervise students providing advice in the Law Clinic.

Feedback from our clients

“The students who dealt with my case were excellent. They were friendly, helpful, made me feel comfortable and listened to what I had to say.”

“This was a very positive experience. The Student Advisors were professional, well prepared and the service gave excellent advice.”

“Thank you to students and staff for taking the time to offer this service. During the process, I felt my concerns were listened to in a sensitive way and the time in which advice was given exceeded my expectations.”

Who we work with

Meet the Law Clinic’s external legal practioners.

“The students at Edge Hill are extremely professional, have consistently demonstrated a quick understand of their client’s needs and are able to obtain the information which will allow them to then formulate the correct advice to their client.

It is so important to support the future generation of lawyers to help them to gain this crucial experience and to assist them in learning client care skills which will serve them so well in their careers.”

Kristina Stoddern of Maxwell Hodge Solicitors

“The Law Clinic is an important initiative to both students and users alike.  It gives students the opportunity to deal with real clients, real issues and provide real advice. 

For clients it’s really important as they may have been unable to afford legal advice or may not qualify for legal aid to access the advice that they so desperately need.

I’m really proud to be part of the clinic and work with students who are so keen to help.”

Darren White of HCB Solicitors Ltd

What our students say

“Working with my peers on Law Clinic matters allowed me to build on my listening and empathy skills, as our discussions involved hearing one another’s opinions and knowledge. It has also helped me to develop my confidence and independence, which is essential when working in the legal sector.”

“The Law Clinic is a brilliant way of putting my legal skills into practice and I am really glad I was able to take part.”

“This is a very stimulating module which gave a great insight into the practical side of Law.”

“The interview process was the most interesting aspect of the Law Clinic Experience Module as it gave me a real-life experience with a client in a law environment.”

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