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Tech Women Club

Women in tech and computer science are underrepresented, we want to rectify this and move forward with the next generation. This group is aimed at empowering all students who identify as a woman, to see and realise their potential. We want you to be aware of women in computer science employment and show you that the field is all-inclusive. 

This club intends to encourage more women into tech, we are an all-inclusive club and encourage everyone to come along.

Through ‘Tech Women Club’ we intend to offer a place for you to be motivated in your computing activities and career path. We will promote an upbeat and fun atmosphere where we can discuss and debate issues, invite guest speakers and take part in activities.

We want you to feel passionate about making women going into computing feel comfortable and confident getting into tech.

Club meeting times are monthly with a plan to move to bi-weekly.


To join the club or make general inquiries, contact: