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We’re 2nd in the North West for learning resources (National Student Survey 2021).

As well as honing your skills on industry-standard equipment, you have unique access to experimental and emerging technologies, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge needed to enter a rapidly changing job market.

Specialist state-of-the-art facilities include:

  • A horseshoe-shaped, Harvard style lecture theatre
  • The CAVE, a 4k super immersive 3D environment
  • VIVE and Microsoft HoloLens
  • 13 dedicated, IT-rich teaching labs
  • Dedicated wired and wireless networking labs
  • Advanced graphics workstations for interactive displays in our games lab
  • High-end data analytics servers
  • Multi-touch transparent displays
Two students working on a computer with a robot in the foreground
Students apply their knowledge of programming to the Sawyer robot.
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) headset
  • ZSpace augmented and virtual reality system
  • Tobi Pro 2 eye-tracker
  • Sawyer Robot (Cobot)
  • Dobot M1 and magicians arms
  • Two NAO robots
  • 3D printers and scanner
  • Raspbery pi and e-pucks 2
  • Cameras and Microsoft Kinects

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