MarkSchofieldMark Schofield

Director of the Confucius Institute

Mark Schofield is Professor of Learning and Teaching at Edge Hill University and leads on strategy and policy development in teaching, learning and associated research. He has contributed to teaching and curriculum design in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Education, Health, and Teaching and Learning in Clinical Practice. He provides external consultancy in learning and teaching, nationally and internationally, increasingly on technology enhanced learning which has been a prime focus of the visiting professorships at Leeds Beckett University, University of Northampton, Hunan First Normal University and Chongqing Normal University (China). He has a lead role in the University practice based research initiative for education and health professionals. In addition to his Dean’s role he is Academic Director of the SOLSTICE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was Co-chair of the Staff and Educational Development Association Publications committee and a member of the Executive. He is Director of the Edge Hill University Centre for Learning and Teaching. He has been an active member of the national Higher Education Funding Council England/Higher Education Academy/Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) Joint E-Learning Partnership Board and was critical friend to the national JISC Users and Innovations Programme. He has acted as an expert advisor to the HEA eLearning Observatory initiative, to government groups envisioning technological support for learning in the future, was a member of the HEA eLearning ‘Think Tank’ and sits on the editorial board of the Innovations in Education and Teaching International Journal.

His past work on research, curriculum design and eLearning has cemented firm international partnerships including the University of Johannesburg, the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association South Africa, the United States Air Force Academy and the international DLAC (Distance Learning and Collaboration) group. He has been engaged as a Senior Fellow in Educational Development at the University of Windsor, Ontario and has recently been awarded a grant by the Hunan provincial government in China as an advisor on learning and teaching to Hunan First Normal University (Chairman Mao’s teacher training university) and others in the province,. In 2011 he was received the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship award from the Higher Education Academy for excellence in teaching and development of colleagues at Edge Hill University, nationally and internationally.

Mei Liu

Chinese Director

Ms Mei Liu, Senior Researcher from Chongqing Normal University of China, specialises in International Chinese Education and Teaching Management. She has extensive teaching experience in the fields of inter-cultural Chinese language teaching as well as university teaching and management. Committed to teaching innovation and creation, she has made several important contributions to the education and teaching reform implemented in Chongqing Normal University.

Confucius Institutes aim to enhance people-to-people communication and cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world. The Confucius Institute at Edge Hill University is dedicated to this aim and provides services to local students, teachers and communities in terms of Chinese language teaching, cultural activities and seminars, etc.

Ms. Mei Liu sincerely hopes that the Confucius Institute at Edge Hill University can be a hub of learning Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese studies, thus promoting mutual understanding between peoples in China and the UK.

Ying Lu

Hanban teacher, Confucius Institute, Edge Hill University

Ying Lu is a lecturer at the Department of Liberal Arts in Chongqing Institute of Engineering. She is qualified with a BA and MA. Her research interest focuses on teaching Chinese as a second language.

She has great enthusiasm to teach foreigners Chinese and used to be a Chinese teacher in Sri Lanka. As a Chinese teacher she aims to help students learn Chinese happily and deepen their understanding about Chinese culture.

“Language is a tool,an interpreter of our soul.” If you’re going to learn Chinese,an optimistic and outgoing Chinese teacher at Confucius Institute of Edge Hill University will be right here waiting for you!

Qun Liu

Volunteer Mandarin teacher, Confucius Institute, Edge Hill University

Qun graduated from Harbin Normal University, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Her speciality is Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese knots, Chinese paper cutting and Chinese paper folding. She has been practising Chinese Kung Fu for more than 5 years and participated in the Teenager Kung Fu competition of Heilongjiang province in 2007.

Qun loves China and Chinese culture, she also loves England and British culture.

She hopes she can help more people know about China and also help the people in China know more about the British culture.


Xiaowen Shi

Volunteer Mandarin Teacher, Confucius Institute, Edge Hill University

Xiaowen Shi majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Tianjin University of Technology and Education. Her research mainly focused on Chinese Tones Error Analysis . She is passionate and warm-hearted, meanwhile eager to become a good Volunteer Mandarin teacher. Therefore, Xiaowen is willing to make every effort to make the Confucius Institute at Edge Hill University a better place for learning Chinese language and Chinese culture

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