The department’s research aim is to continue developing its research culture, capacity and international reputation. Its commitment is on engaging in knowledge generation, applicable research and enhanced societal impact activities. Expertise is housed in a research centre and a visual computing lab and it is primarily focused around smart data analytics and visualisation, disruptive technologies and smart applications, cyber security, autonomous systems and robotics, telecommunications, computer vision, augmented and virtual reality.

Our strategic target for growth in Data Analytics has enabled the department of Computer Science to found and lead an interdisciplinary STEMM research centre, which draws expertise from multiple subjects across the University.

Outcomes and activities of our research work is captured in:

Academics, post-doctoral and PhD researchers have access to cutting-edge facilities including state-of-the-art software (SAS, Matlab, Unity, etc) and hardware (high-end servers, robots, transparent touchscreens, Hololens, VIVEs and the first 4K CAVE installed in a UK academic institution).

The department has also an established community of Postgraduate Researchers undertaking research in different areas of computer science. We operate under a University research governance and ethics framework.

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