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The Tech Hub is a key resource for Computer Science students, housing up-to-date hardware, software and dedicated learning spaces that Computer Science specialists require for success.

Tech Hub

In 2016, the Department of Computer Science moved into the purpose-built £13 million Tech Hub, a dynamic learning, teaching and research environment featuring some of the best facilities in higher education. As well as honing their skills on industry-standard equipment, students also have unique access to experimental and emerging technologies, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge they need to enter a rapidly changing job market. The Tech Hub project was supported by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership which contributed £3 million towards the building and its facilities.

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first floor work space

Specialist state-of-the-art facilities in the Tech Hub include:

  • A horseshoe-shaped, Harvard style lecture theatre
  • The CAVE, a 4k super immersive 3D environment
  • VIVE and Microsoft HoloLens
  • 13 dedicated, IT-rich teaching labs
  • Dedicated wired and wireless networking labs
  • Advanced graphics workstations for interactive displays in our games lab
  • High-end data analytics servers
  • Multi-touch transparent displays
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) headset
  • zSpace augmented and virtual reality system
  • Tobi Pro 2 eye-tracker
  • Sawyer Robot (Cobot)
  • Dobot M1 and magicians arms
  • Two NAO robots
  • 3D printers and scanner
  • Raspbery pi and e-pucks 2
  • Cameras and Microsoft Kinects

Sawyer Robot (Cobot)

Dobot M1 Magic arms

The Tech Hub also contains facilities to support graduate enterprise and nurture fledgling technology businesses.


The Department of Computer Science is the first academic department in the UK to host a high resolution Computer Automated Virtual Environment, or CAVE, allowing students, staff and local businesses to realise their projects in a fully immersive, realistic 3D environment.


The CAVE uses 4k projectors to produce ultra-high definition images on four walls, creating a virtual room that can display interactive 3D models. A 5.1 sound system and multi-camera tracking system with wireless controllers give users the ability to move around and interact with a virtual environment.

This ‘beyond state-of-the-art’ facility will allow Edge Hill to carry out research that is at the cutting edge of what is currently possible, and drive the technology developments of the future.

Connect Space

The connect space provides an opportunity for users to experience and interact with innovative technology that might be beyond the boundaries of their chosen specific programmes, which provides “added value” to the learning experience. The connect space houses specialist equipment, such as VIVE, Z space, 3D printer touch screens, EEG and Robots, which is used in student and staff projects, hackathons, competitions and challenges.

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