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Postgraduate applicants

MSc Psychology in Business

To help you feel prepared for your postgraduate studies, we’ve gathered together a range of course related activities including suggested reading, useful websites and some great things to do right now.

Suggested reading

When you begin your studies you will be introduced to the University Library, and you will have access to many relevant learning materials.

In the meantime, you might consult some of the suggested reading below. Remember, these are suggestions and will not constitute a requirement for the programme but might enhance your background knowledge for a smooth learning experience while on the programme.

Knowledge base in Psychology
Psychology in business
Research methods
Business research methods
Highly recommended reading for developing excellent research questions

Useful websites

You might want to visit the following twitter accounts:

Things to do now

To help you prepare for your studies, you may find it useful to try the following activities:

  1. Join the Psychology department SONA system to be able to take part and experience different psychological studies currently being run by academics in the department
  2. Follow the department social media @EdgeHill_Psych on Twitter, @EdgeHillPsychology on Facebook, as well as other Psychology departments across the world.