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Student Finance

Eligible students starting an undergraduate programme don’t have to pay tuition fees up-front. The cost can be covered by a tuition fee loan (applied for via Student Finance).

If you’re starting your undergraduate programme in January 2024, you don’t have to start repaying this loan until you’ve left your course and earn over £25,000 per year.

Loans for living costs, usually called a maintenance loan, are available for help towards the cost of accommodation, food and travel.

Student finance for postgraduate students is different. Please take a look at our postgraduate money advice pages for more details.

Submitting your application
After you’ve submitted your application

Receiving your funding

After you’ve completed enrolment and become a fully registered student your first payment will be released. It can take up to five working days for payment to arrive in your account, or longer, if you applied for funding late. But remember, this will only be paid if your application is approved and all checks have been completed by student finance.

Our top tips

Completing your application:

You don’t need an offer to apply
If you’re still waiting for offers, you can still apply using your preferred university and course. If this changes you can update your application at a later date.

Ensure your application details are correct
Have your UCAS course code to hand and choose the correct academic year and mode of study i.e. full-time.

Provide any supporting documentation quickly
If possible, send any documents requested from Student Finance by recorded delivery and track the delivery.

Complete your to-do list
Your online Student Finance account shows a ‘to-do’ list for any outstanding actions.

Enrol promptly to release your funding when you begin your programme
Your first payment is made 3-5 days after the University has officially confirmed your attendance with Student Finance.

Outstanding conditions

If there are any outstanding conditions of your offer when you enrol, you’ll only be able to part-enrol. Student Finance is only released when you become fully enrolled so you are advised to address all conditions of your offer as soon as possible.

If you have any queries around the conditions of your offer please contact

Money to cover your first 2 weeks

Payments from Student Finance can take up to five days to arrive in your account, or longer if you applied for funding late.

With this in mind, it’s worth bringing enough money with you to cover your first two weeks, just in case there is a problem with your funds being released.