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Essential preparation for your online interview : MA Social Work

This page gives you all the information you need to prepare for your online interview for MA Social Work. It is essential that you read all of the sections carefully. We also recommend reading our general tips on how to prepare for online interviews.

Important information

  • Your Interview will be conducted remotely using the Microsoft Teams App.
  • If you do not already have Microsoft Teams, you can download this online. Download from the App Store here or Download from Google Play here.
  • Please familiarise yourself with Microsoft Teams before your online interview. There are useful guides on YouTube to assist you.
  • You should now have received an email from our Admissions Team with the date and time of your interview along with your Microsoft Teams Link. If you don’t think you have received this please contact [email protected].
  • You need to confirm that you will attend your interview via our interview reply form.
  • You should allow up to 45 minutes for your online interview. You will also need to complete a written task online.
  • This will be sent to you at 9am on the day of your interview via the email address that you applied directly to Edge Hill University with. You will need to complete and return the task before 9.30am. You will receive receipt of your task on submission.
  • If you do not receive your written task, please contact [email protected].
  • Failure to complete and return the written task at 9.30am on the day of interview will prevent your interview taking place.  If you do not receive the written task at 9am please check your junk folder.  If you believe that you have a genuine reason for not being able to complete the task it will be considered as not being available for interview and you would need to contact [email protected].
Two people are talking whilst sat at a table. There is a coloured wall behind them with various food and drinks on. There is a blue teapot on the table in front of the people. They are both looking at each other, smiling.

What to do before your online interview

It is essential that you have:

  • prepared a 5 minute talk on: ‘Why is the ability to work with others important for social work, and what knowledge and skills are required for successful collaboration? Provide examples from your own experience of working alongside others to achieve goals including the challenges faced’. You will be asked to tell the interview panel which sources of information you have used in the preparation of this talk.
  • researched and read about the role of the Social Worker, we would recommend the following resources: British Association of Social Work (BASW) and Social Work England.
  • thought about and can explain why you wish to enter a career in Social Work
  • professional awareness and commitment to a future career in Social Work
  • considered the amount of studying that will be involved in the programme
  • read all the information on these preparation pages and made a note of the items you need to have with you and any questions that you want to ask during your online interview.

It’s okay to use notes as part of the presentation and it’s up to you whether you would like to use PowerPoint or not

Your online interview

  • Please click the link to your interview 5 minutes before the scheduled time of your online interview.
  • You will be given your written task at 9am and this is to be completed and returned by 9.30am. If this is not completed and returned, you will not be interviewed. Failure to complete and return the written task at 9.30am on the day of interview will prevent your interview taking place.  If you do not receive the written task at 9am please check your junk folder.  If you believe that you have a genuine reason for not being able to complete the task it will be considered as not being available for interview and you will need to contact [email protected].
  • Whilst your online interview is taking place, please ensure that you have no one else present in the room with you – this will allow you to focus fully on the online interview without distraction.

What to have with you on the day

Photographic ID

What we’re looking for

The programme you have applied for is regulated by Social Work England. As such, in order to complete the programme and receive a recognised social work qualification and become eligible to apply for registration as a social worker, you must meet a range of standards and professional capabilities (Professional Capabilities Framework – originally developed by the Social Work Reform Board, now managed and delivered by BASW).

You’ll be interviewed to see whether you:

  1. possess the personal, intellectual and presentational qualities suitable to become a Social Worker. This requires working with people from a variety of backgrounds.
  2. have the ability to accomplish the academic and professional requirements of the programme
  3. display an understanding of the demands of studying at university
  4. meet the standards required for entry to the programme applied for
  5. display a commitment to developing subject knowledge, skills and understanding
  6. display a commitment to becoming a competent professional
  7. communicate clearly in written and spoken Standard English and the ability to write and understand written English. This will be tested on the day through the interview and written task.

“After reading through my interview guidance I felt better prepared and on the day the staff were really good at putting my nerves at ease.”

Laurey (MNSW Children’s Nursing and Social Work Student)
Photo of nursing and social work student

Selection Criteria

You can expect that the interview will assess intellectual ability and personal and presentational qualities. You will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that you have personal values that align with the professional values of Social Work England. And we want to see that you have an enthusiasm for Social Work and would be likely to adopt a positive approach to work.

Particular qualities we will be looking for include:

  • confidence
  • clear speech
  • positive demeanour
  • the capacity to be an effective member of a team
  • good communication skills
  • enthusiasm
  • ability to get on with people
  • a caring and compassionate attitude
  • an ability to analyse questions and issues
  • an ability to give clear, thoughtful answers to questions.

Professional awareness and commitment to a future career in Social Work

You should have a good understanding of the knowledge, concept and skills of the subject area and the capacity to articulate your understanding. If you are continuing your pre course experience or have planned to gain experience after the interview takes place please inform the interviewer.

These qualities are based around the Professional Capabilities Framework (managed and delivered by BASW) which sets out a number of areas that social work professionals need, to evidence proficiency in different levels throughout their careers – including at the point of entry to a programme of social work education. There are 9 areas or ‘domains’:

  • professionalism
  • values and ethics
  • diversity and equality
  • justice and economic wellbeing
  • knowledge
  • critical reflection and analysis
  • skills and interventions
  • contexts and organisations
  • professional leadership

Academic awareness

Success on this course depends on you being able to commit to academic and professional demands and for this reason you should be able to demonstrate clearly an understanding of the academic rigours of this course and how you will ensure assessment deadlines are met.

Interviewers will expect candidates to have a basic understanding of the theoretical experience that will be gained during this programme and how that might enable your practice experience to develop.

Do remember that an interview is a two way process and that you should treat the interview as an opportunity to ask tutors questions. It is important that you make the right choice of programme. Your Masters programme will be intensive and challenging, but ultimately enjoyable and rewarding.

Any questions?

We look forward to meeting you for your online interview.

If you have any questions or special requirements that you would like to discuss with us prior to your interview you can contact us on: