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Essential preparation for your interview: PGCE Secondary (11-16) History with QTS*

This page has been created to give you all the information that you will need for your interview process. The majority of interviews will be taking place online. Face to face interviews can be accommodated to facilitate accessibility if required. For further information please get in touch with

Essential preparation for your online interview

Important information

  • It is important you’ve read all the information on these preparation pages and made a note of what you need to prepare, the items you need to have with you and any questions you want to ask during your online interview.
  • You should now have received an email from our Admissions Team with the date and time of your interview along with your individual blackboard collaborate link. If you do not think you have received this, please contact our Admissions Team
  • You need to confirm that you will be available for your interview by completing our interview reply form.
  • You should allow approximately 50 minutes for the online interview process.
  • Your interview will consist of two main elements. A 3 minute presentation and then a series of interview questions.
  • Please have to hand your original photographic ID (i.e. current valid passport or photo-card driving licence). Your ID will be checked prior to the start of your interview. 
  • The interview has been structured in such a way as to enable you to demonstrate your commitment to becoming a teacher and your enthusiasm for your subject and education more generally.
  • You need to be able to show that you can engage in discussion, contributing both as a speaker and as a listener. You will also be given the opportunity to demonstrate the contribution that you, personally, could make to the PGCE programme and, ultimately, to the education of children and young adults.
A lecturer teaching a class

How to use Blackboard Collaborate

  • You can join your online interview on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone. We would advise using a laptop with Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Please ensure that your browser is fully up to date.
  • If you would prefer to access the session in the Blackboard App please download the app called Blackboard Collaborate TM Mobile, which, using Google Chrome as your browser, you can find in your normal app store.
  • If you experience any technical issues, please visit the help page.
  • Your online interview link can be accessed 10 minutes before the start of your interview. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the link in your browser
  2. You will then be able to see the session you are joining and there is a place for you to type your name. Please ensure you type your full name and select ‘Join Session’.
  3. Each session will be hosted by a member of Edge Hill University staff, they may not be in the online room when you join, however please stay online.
  4. You can join with your camera and microphone switched off and you will be advised by the member of staff when it is time to switch them on.

To ensure that you are prepared for your interview, please read the following information carefully as it outlines the structure of your interview and the tasks you will need to complete prior to your online interview.

Course specific preparation

Your interview will consist of two main elements. A 3 minute presentation and then a series of interview questions:

‘How would you teach’ presentation

During your interview you will be asked to present for 3 minutes on how you would teach a Key Stage 3 pupil one of the following topics (you should choose one):

  1. Norman Conquest (1066-1100)
  2. Medieval Society (1307-1377)
  3. The Tudors (1485-1603).

You can opt to either put together a short presentation (such as a PowerPoint), which you share with the admissions tutor in the interview (via screenshare) and talk through or opt do this ‘live’ (without a presentation) during your interview.

Your presentation is an opportunity for you to demonstrate:

  • Subject knowledge
  • An understanding of key concepts in your subject
  • An understanding of skills and application in your subject

This is also an opportunity to demonstrate your creative ideas and to show how well you communicate with others. In some instances, the presentation will also allow tutors to identify those applicants who may require a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) as part of their offer conditions. Please note, if you plan to use a PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation you will be asked to upload this and share your screen during the interview.

Subject knowledge audit

Prior to the interview you are required to complete a Subject Knowledge Audit. This is completed online, in advance of your interview and you can access this by clicking the button below

Subject knowledge audit

This is not a test but a way to assess your areas of strength and development with regards to the current curriculum in your subject.

A student sat making notes in a lecture theatre.

What we’re looking for

During the interview process we will be looking for you to demonstrate:

  • A commitment to and enthusiasm for working with children and/or young people at the secondary (11-16) phase
  • Strong communication skills
  • The personal attributes and values required to train as a teacher
  • The ability to reflect on experiences and the learning taken from these.

Things to do before your online interview

It is essential that you:

  1. have your individual Blackboard collaborate link ready. Please contact our Admissions Team if you have not received this.
  2. dress appropriately. You are not expected to be in formal wear, however you should present yourself as a future professional and take care to be in a suitable location for your interview. This should be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. are able to take part in the interview with a stable WIFI connection and working microphone and camera. We cannot interview applicants who do not have a camera as we need to verify your identity.
  4. have read all the information on this preparation page and made a note of the items you need to have with you and any questions that you want to ask during your online interview.
  5. have read the subject specific information containing the details relating to your subject specialism and your pre-interview tasks.
  6. have thought about, and can explain, why you want to teach children and young adults from the secondary age range and, in particular, why you wish to teach your particular subject.
  7. have read educational publications to familiarise yourself with current educational issues. Useful publications include:
    • The Guardian Educational Supplement (published weekly)
    • The Independent Educational Supplement (published weekly)
    • The Times Education Supplement (published weekly)
  8. have visited appropriate websites such as
  9. have read and understood the below information regarding ‘Training in Educational Settings’ to enable you to answer questions about your support needs.
  10. Read the National Curriculum (or equivalent) for your subject and any GCSE specifications so you know what you will be expected to teach.
  11. Explore examples of GCSE examination requirements for your subject and identified areas for further development in your subject knowledge.
  12. Consider how you will address areas identified as needing development from your Subject Knowledge Audit.

Training in educational settings

The Partnership team will source all ITT practices.

  • You will be expected to travel to your professional practices, and you must be prepared to travel some distance. You will be expected to drive or travel on public transport to your placement.
  • We do provide, in some instances, reimbursement for travel to and from training.
  • We have training partnership arrangements in a range of locations including the North West, the North East, Staffordshire, Cheshire, the West Midlands including Shropshire and London. We expect that you will approach each practice with a flexible and conscientious attitude, acting with integrity and commitment. We will ensure that we take into consideration your personal circumstances and needs.

All contact with practice schools is made formally via the Faculty of Education’s ITT Partnership Team; trainees should not contact schools directly to arrange practices.

What to have with you

Photographic ID
Additional supporting evidence

Any questions?

We look forward to meeting you for your online interview.

If you have any questions or special requirements that you would like to discuss with us prior to your interview you can contact us in the following ways: