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Campaign Monitor

Edge Hill has access to a bulk email platform called Campaign Monitor (accessed via which can be used by departments wishing to mass email. It has a number of advantages over regular emails:

  • enable highly targeted campaigns that are more timely and relevant to individuals and therefore more effective
  • make it easy for you to evaluate their effectiveness and therefore inform the development of future campaigns
  • are more professional in their look and feel, compared with plain text emails and attachments
  • they can include pictures and links
  • are cheap to design and send, unlike printed and posted communications
  • are environmentally friendly

There is a cost for sending emails via Campaign Monitor, email credits must be purchased. A single campaign costs 500 credits sending fee, plus 1 credit per recipient. Cost (June 2023) .78p per credit.

500 credits£3.90per campaign
1 credit0.78pper recipient

So to send to 1000 recipients would cost £3.90 + (0.0078 x 1000) = £11.70

Payment must be made directly to Campaign Monitor. They accept credit cards and it is possible to purchase a block of credits to be used to pay for future campaigns.

Campaign Monitor
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