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Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) enabler grants

The Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) invites applications for its enabler grants scheme. The awards are intended to allow individuals or teams to prepare a significant external funding application.

Value: Up to £5000

The scheme supports the submission of bids in any field relevant to the work of the Institute and in line with the University research strategy. Funds are available for direct costs related to research projects.

Examples of direct costs include travel, equipment, supplies, and part-time research assistance (NB. teaching relief has not been designated as an eligible direct cost for the academic year 2022/3). External funding bids supported by the grant should fall within the REF definition of research and show the potential for a contribution to society, the economy, environment or culture beyond academia. External funding bids must be costed by and developed in conjunction with the Research Support Office and be subject to peer review. 

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ICE applicants

Eligible applicants will be academic staff with an employment of 0.2 full-time equivalent (FTE) or greater on the Edge Hill University payroll, and who have been identified as having a workload allocation to conduct research. They should also meet the eligibility criteria of any external funding scheme under consideration. Applications from research-only staff wishing to transition to the status of an independent researcher will also be considered. Applications from staff without a workload allocation to conduct research will be considered where the case can be made that an award will enable staff to transition to an academic profile with a significant responsibility to conduct research. Awards can be held by individuals as well as research teams. Awards should be supported by the recipient’s academic department and applications should be accompanied by the signature of the relevant Head of Department. 

Awards are available up to the value of £5,000. Applications are not required to seek the full limit of available funding. The application and reporting for ICE enabler grants process is intended as light-touch and applicants will be informed of the outcome within 10 working days. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their plans for external grant capture with the Director of ICE prior to submission of an enabler grant application form. 

Advice on external grant submission will be available for successful applicants, who will be expected to work with the director of ICE on their external application. 

About ICE

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ICE is the gateway for researchers within EHU to collaborate with external partners across the cultural industries and the creative and digital economy in the north west, nationally, and internationally. ICE works to establish long-term relationships of mutual benefit with cultural partners across the region. Through a relationship with ICE, cultural organisations leverage the resources of the University to address their own research questions or lines of enquiry. Through working with external partners, ICE facilitates knowledge exchange and pathways to impact for the research carried out at Edge Hill.

ICE also has specific remits in relation to practice-based research in the creative arts, and policy research in media and the cultural industries. ICE also supports disciplinary and inter-disciplinary work in the theoretical and critical investigation of culture. 

Who we work with

  • Arts Council England
  • Bazelevs Studios
  • Bluecoat (Liverpool)
  • the British Film Institute
  • Creative Lancashire
  • Culture Liverpool
  • Digital Lancashire
  • Doc Society
  • Everyman cinemas
  • Everyman-Playhouse theatres
  • FACT
  • Film Hub North
  • Google
  • HOME
  • Hurricane Films
  • LA Productions
  • Liverpool Biennial
  • Liverpool Film Office
  • Liverpool Irish Festival
  • National Museums & Galleries Liverpool
  • Open Eye Gallery
  • RIBA North
  • Royal Court Liverpool
  • Screenlife UK
  • Sound City
  • Tate Liverpool
  • Unity Theatre
  • Writing on the Wall

Our research priorities


Digital economy and creative enterprise: providing capability in the early adoption of information technologies by cultural industries, audiences and practitioners, focussing on the transformational effect that these technologies can have. 


Connecting communities and developing place through creative enterprise: understanding the changing nature of communities and place in their historical and cultural contexts, and the role of diverse communities and place in sustaining and enhancing our quality of life through creative enterprise. 


Sustainable careers and open institutions: working with cultural industries, practitioners, and research analogues to develop our understanding of how a regional and national infrastructure can support creative careers and break down barriers between institutions and the public. 


Practice-based research and public audiences: developing models for the creation and dissemination of practice which engages public audiences, the media industry and diverse communities while balancing the non-commercial imperatives of research. 


Cultural policy and critical theories: understanding the needs of policy makers and cultural industries through the resources of critical thought in the theoretical tradition of the academic humanities. 

The work of ICE covers all disciplines at Edge Hill University. Research questions relevant to accelerator grant applications are not required to reproduce the thematic research priorities listed above.

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