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Health Research Institute (HRI)

Read on to delve into research complied on mental health in adult life. Each research project was backed by Edge Hill University and the Research Centre for Arts and Wellbeing to shine a brighter light on how to assist adults struggling mentally.

Arts for the Blues
This collaborative study has developed a new evidence-based integrative model of group psychotherapy that uses creative methods.
Dancing the Blues
Developing out of improvisations between a dance/choreographer, a poet and a musician, these concepts were translated to movement, text and sounds and back again.
ERA Study
The largest NIHR funded study in the arts therapy in the UK.
Hospital Arts Social Club
Dr Kim Wiltshire launched online writing sessions for NHS staff in the hopes of bettering mental health during Covid-19.
Dancing with Health
A sixteen week therapeutic dance programme dedicated to women who are in recovery from breast cancer, led by Edge Hill University.
Black History and Prisons- Black cultural awareness training in prisons
44 workshops on black history and culture attended by a multitude of prison staff and prisoners to develop and evaluate a black cultural awareness course.
Cultures Cures
An annual cultural investment scheme overseen by Wakefield Council’s Culture Team in conjunction with the Health Improvement team.
Project XXX
A piece of multimedia theatre that would explore the effect of the availability and mainstreaming of Internet pornography might be having on the lives of young people.