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Health Research Institute (HRI)

The Healthy Generations Hub

The Healthy Generations Hub (HGH) focuses on improving health literacy to support children and young people in areas with high socioeconomic deprivation, particularly in the northwest of England.

The research aims to promote healthy behaviours, mental well-being, and care for vulnerable children. The Hub collaborates with various stakeholders, including Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Everton in the Community, Tate Liverpool, regional partners, schools, and importantly, children and young people from different communities.

Everton Women's Hanna Bennison with children from Springwell Park School

The Hub’s research areas include:

  • understanding the information and resources needed by children, young people, and families for making health and well-being decisions
  • investigating the relationship between physical and mental health and their impact on future health and care.
  • developing, implementing, and evaluating resources and initiatives to support well-being in disadvantaged children, young people, and families, especially those with complex, long-term conditions
  • an emphasis on community involvement and is the first academic unit in England dedicated to children’s and young people’s health literacy.