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Health Research Institute (HRI)

Current projects

Professor Lyvonne Tume

NIHR HTA Funded GASTRIC-PICU Multicentre Clinical Trial

A multicentre randomised trial of no routine measurement of Gastric Residual Volume (GRV) in critically ill children

Chief Investigator: Professor Lyvonne Tume

Find out more about Professor Lyvonne Tume’s GASTRIC-PICU work

NIHR HTA Funded NeoGASTRIC Clinical trial

A multicentre and multinational RCT of no routine Gastric Residual Volume (GRV) measurement in preterm neonates

Co-investigator: Professor Lyvonne Tume (CI Professor Chris Gale)

Find out more about Professor Lyvonne Tume’s NeoGASTRIC work

Postgraduate Research Students

Read the work of two postgraduate research students looking into the field of airways diseases.

Andrew Booth
Relationship between inspiratory and expiratory flow rate in people with obstructive airways disease and how this may inform inhaler selection.
Hayat Hamzeh
Developing a core outcome set for physiotherapy research in bronchiectasis.

PURE research

Explore our PURE website, detailing projects, profiles, and research outputs from the Cardio Respiratory Research Centre team.

PURE Cardio Respiratory Research Centre