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Friday 23rd February 2018
Public Event: Book Launch - The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing
Brought to you by Edge Hill University’s Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Creative Enterprise Institute (ICE).


Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th Nov 2017 Use of Butoh in Dance Movement TherapyProfessor Vicky Karkou
Wednesday 15 Nov 2017 In Rude Health – Medical DramasProfessor Tim Woolford
Sharon Roberts
Thursday 12th October 2017The Challenge for Medical Education ResearchProfessor John Sandars
Saturday 9th September 2017MCh Induction DayDr Steve Jones
Friday 30th June 2017Festival of Ideas:
Technology and E-Solutions in Healthcare
Dr Liz Mear
Tuesday 27th June 2017Wellbeing or Festival of Ideas: Flourishing? The Role of Identity in the Era of Health Care Austerity -Dr Andrew Edgar
Monday 26th June 2017Athena Swan Annual Lecture; Bugs, bites and parasitesProfessor Janet Hemingway, CBE
Monday 26th June 2017Autism Conference - Research Institute Thematic Awards (RITA)Professor Fiona Hallett
Wednesday 21st June 2017Festival of Ideas: Creating a Social Identity for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Dr Andrew Levy
Tuesday 20th June 2017Festival of Ideas:
Driving Innovation in Health Care
Professor Sally Spencer
Tuesday 20th June 2017Shifting Identities: Exploring the experiences of children with illness or disability and their parentsProfessor Bernie Carter & Dr Lucy Blake
Monday 19th June 2017Changing Identities of Emergency Services Workers: The Need for a New ThinkingProfessor Paresh Wankhade
Thursday 15th June 2017We Need to Belong: Finding One's Personality, Sharing Life Stories in a CommunityProfessor Colwyn Trevarthen
Wednesday 14th June 2017Patient Choice, Expectation and Informed Consent in the Evolving World of Healthcare Professor Tim Woolford
Friday 9th June 2017liciting Identities through Creative PracticeFrancesca Bernardi
Thursday 27th April 2017PGR Symposium
Wednesday 26th April 2016The inevitability of boundaries and boundary work: disability reform and integration of services.Professor Helen Dickinson (University of New South Wales)
Wednesday 23rd March 2017Mindful Movement and its Application for People with an Obesity ProblemIndra Majore-Dusele
Monday 7th March 2017Inaugural Lecture: A Muffled Clamour: Turning up the Volume on Children’s Stories of Pain and IllnessProfessor Bernie Carter
Thursday 23rd February 2017The Connected World: Blurring the Boundary between Real and Virtual ObjectsProfessor Ella Pereira
Thursday 2nd February 2017What is The Game, Who Are the Players and How Do We Win? The Journey from Research to Changes in HealthcareProfessor Sally Spencer
Thursday 26th January 2017End of Life Care: Getting it RightProfessor Mary O'Brien


Friday 4th February 2016Festival of Ideas:
The Art of the Demographic Dividend
Professor Desmond O’Neill
Thursday 25th February 2016Festival of Ideas:
Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias
Dr Simon Ridley
Thursday 10th March 2016Strategic leadership for the management of emergency services: case for a new research agendaProfessor Paresh Wankhade
Tuesday 10th May 2016PGR Symposium
Thursday 13th October 2016Learning and Surviving: an outsider looking in at the working lives of doctorsProfessor Jeremy Brown
Wednesday 7th September 2016PGMI Research Catalyst EventProfessor Sally Spencer


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