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exterior shot of the faculty of education building with Ofsted outstanding provider logo in the bottom right hand corner

Edge Hill awarded outstanding by Ofsted across all three initial teacher training age phases.

At Edge Hill, we have a proud tradition of teacher training and we’re committed to developing the very best teachers. Our recent Ofsted inspection recognised the quality of our initial teacher education as ‘outstanding’ across all three age phases.  This means, as we’re an Ofsted outstanding provider, you’ll have the highest quality preparation and support, whether you’re aspiring to teach in a primary or secondary setting, or stepping into a further education college.

So many of us are looking for meaning in our lives and want to do something that truly makes a difference. A career in teaching can do just that and more. Leaving you with a sense of fulfilment as you shape the minds of future generations. Do you remember your favourite teacher? And what it was like to be in their classroom? And the impact it had on you? It could be you at the front of the class now, and you could be the one to inspire young minds and help shape the future.

We take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional teacher training, supported by high-quality placements and mentors to guide you through your journey here. Our approach aims to support you in navigating the challenges of the profession with confidence, to alleviate any worries you may feel when embarking on a career in teaching. We empower our trainee teachers to develop the right skills and knowledge to excel in the rewarding field of education.

“Trainees at Edge Hill University flourish… They exude the high levels of knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to embark successfully on their teaching careers.” Ofsted, Initial Teacher Education Report

When you’re choosing the right university for you to begin your teacher training, you want to feel confident you’re going to have the best experience. That’s why we’re so proud that Edge Hill University, as well as being highly rated by Ofsted, has also been awarded the highest possible rating of gold for providing an outstanding student experience, and silver overall in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This means our efforts both inside and outside the classroom are acknowledged as creating a positive learning environment for our students.

Teaching Excellence Framework 2023 results for Edge Hill: Silver overall, gold for student experience, silver for student outcomes. with white background
Ofsted outstanding provider

Supporting your development

So what does our rating as an Ofsted outstanding provider actually mean, to you? It’s essentially a quality check, a way of you knowing that you’re receiving high quality teacher training. It means you can be assured that our courses will give you the right skills, preparation and support for you to become an effective and successful teacher. Our support doesn’t end once your finish your course, either. We help you overcome challenges in your first year of teaching, too.

You’ll be taught by our education experts, and you’ll benefit from their experience and current research insights. There’s also a big focus on teaching experience in the real world. Our connections to over 2,000 institutions mean there are plenty of opportunities for work experience. And experiencing the real-world in a traditional classroom is just one option. From SEN to hospital and forest schools. Eco charities, football clubs and museums. You’ll be developing your skills and experience of a range school settings during your time here at Edge Hill, and we can’t wait to start this journey with you. Our trainees are immensely well supported by knowledgeable and inspirational tutors and by highly skilled, committed mentors. But don’t take our word for it. Find out what one of our students and tutor think of us as an Ofsted outstanding provider for teacher education at Edge Hill.

Children participating in The Beach School Project, sitting in a circle on the sand eating biscuits.
A teacher stands at the front of a primary school class.

“We are delighted with the outcome of our most recent inspection and feel it recognises the truly world class training that our trainees receive. From the research informed curriculum through to working with highly skilled mentors this course really prepares students to become the outstanding teachers and future leaders of the profession. Throughout their time with us, our students also benefit from the latest insights from our research-leading academics.”

Michelle Pearson, Head of Teacher Education and Development

“To me, university education is about expanding your worldview, growing as a person, and developing critical thinking skills, as well as gaining knowledge. I chose Edge Hill because of its reputation for teacher training. It has long history of training teachers, creating an environment to bring out the best in students, and supporting learning through research, innovation, and a focus on employability. An outstanding Ofsted for Edge Hill, is in my opinion, well deserved.”

Hina, PGCE Secondary Computer Science and Information Technology with QTS (11-16)

Your future as a qualified teacher

No matter where you are on your personal journey. Just starting to explore your university options? Or graduated and looking for your next step? You can choose a teacher training course at undergraduate level or enrol on a PGCE. We offer teacher training courses at each age phase from early years and primary to secondary and further education.

Depending on what age group you choose, you could have the opportunity to specialise, which means bringing your knowledge and enthusiasm for a particular subject straight into the classroom.  You can choose a variety of different specialisms. So, if you want to champion mathematics, be a grammar guide, inspire the next generation of scientists and more, you can choose a course that will get you ready to take on that role.

And once you’ve graduated, you’ll have excellent prospects too. 95.6% of our Faculty of Education students are employed or in further study 15 months after graduation (Graduate Outcomes data released 2023 from 2020/21 graduates). At Edge Hill, as an Ofsted outstanding provider, we can offer you a teacher training experience that gives you the opportunity to become an inspiration in the classroom and beyond.

Two students working in a class with laptops.
Three students talking in a classroom

Choose your course

March 12, 2024


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