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If you’re wondering what Fastrack is and whether it’s the right option for you, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re someone who doesn’t hold the qualifications to study a degree and has been out of education for a while, this is the perfect opportunity for you. And we’ve got previous Fastrack students who want to share their experiences with you.

So what is Fastrack? And who’s eligible for the course?

A group of students sat with an academic around a table. Each student has their own laptop.

Fastrack is an intensive, seven-week course, made up of one-week online preparation and six weeks of full-time, on campus study. The programme is aimed at students who’d like to gain the academic skills they need to be accepted onto a full degree programme at Edge Hill University. Sound like you? This course is designed to develop your academic skills and practices so that you’ll feel fully prepared to study at degree level.

“I decided to apply to test myself, to see if I was capable of academic study. I wanted to know whether full-time study would work alongside my complicated family life and carer roles. I went into Fastrack wondering if I could make it to the end and came out of it wishing it wasn’t over.”

Kara, BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

And what can you study?

The subjects available to you differ each year depending on the availability of place on each course. So make sure to check the progression routes that are available for the year that you’d like to study. The course that you study through the Fastrack progression route, can lead you to be considered to study an undergraduate degree with us.

Students working on PCs in the Catalyst.

How to apply

It’s easy to apply for an Edge Hill Fastrack course. You’ll need to complete an online application form. And as part of the process, you must complete a personal statement. It’s here where you’ll highlight your strengths, experiences and what makes you the right fit for the degree course you wish to progress onto. If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to an interview. The format of your interview will depend on the subject you’ve chosen to apply for. But don’t worry, we’ll send you all the relevant information you need so you can prepare yourself before the day.

“The application process was simple and straightforward with lots of support along the way. I had a video interview that I was apprehensive about, but I was instantly put at ease and spoke freely about my strengths and weaknesses.”

Kara, BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

What happens once you’re here?

If you’re successful at interview and receive a place on the course, we’ll contact you with all the details you need to know. Such as how to confirm your place. Start dates. And enrolment details. That’s when you can begin your studies with us. And start to develop your key academic skills.

A group of students attend a UniSkills session.

Develop your academic skills

You’ll begin to complete tasks that’ll prepare you for your future studies. Such as written tasks, IT work and presentations. They’ll be based on the kind of tasks you can expect to come across as part of your future degree programme. And they can help to build your confidence as you begin to get to know Edge Hill.

“Fastrack taught me how to approach academic study the Edge Hill way which made my transition to my first year of study really straightforward. The familiarity of the University, knowing my way around and feeling at home made things so much easier. As well as gaining the general study skills that I would need for my degree.”

Kara, BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

Supporting you

During this time, you’ll be considered as an Edge Hill student. So you can access all the student support teams for advice and guidance while you’re here. Not only that, but you’ll also become a part of welcoming and friendly community. One that is there to provide advice and guidance when you need it.

“My lecturers were great, they helped me when I was stuck or struggling with direction on assignments. They were always there for guidance and support every step of the way.”

Paul, BSc (Hons) International Business alumni
Student sat with a Catalyst worker at a computer desk, pointing at a screen.
Image of BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing student, Kara Johnson. Previously a Fastrack student

“I felt empowered by my lecturer who encouraged us all to believe in ourselves. She kept the class focused at all times which helped with getting the work done. As a result, there was a real sense of teamwork within the class, and we all supported one and other.”

Kara, BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

What happens straight after Fastrack?

Once you’ve successfully completed your Fastrack course and demonstrated your ability to study at degree level, you will be offered the opportunity to complete a full degree related to the studies you’ve completed. Our Admissions Team will complete a UCAS application on your behalf and they’ll advise you of any other conditions that you may need to meet as part of your offer to stud on the programme.

And once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree?

Once you’ve graduated from us, the choice is yours. We’ve been chatting with Paul, a recent Edge Hill graduate, who completed a Fastrack course before studying BSc (Hons) International Business. Since then, he’s founded his own business which has grown to be a huge success.

Alumni Paul Harkin shows off his business, That Prize Guy.

“I enrolled on the Fastrack programme in 2017 and since then I have set up a six-figure business. I founded my prize business That Prize Guy in November 2019, which has given away over fifty-five million pounds worth of prizes, one of which made someone a millionaire. I’ve sponsored charities, football clubs, athletes, and events all over the UK and Ireland. I attribute my success and where I am now to the people I met and the experiences that I had at Edge Hill University.”

Paul, BSc (Hons) International Business alumni

What can you take away from your Fastrack experience?

Not only will you learn new academic skills, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

The sun is setting in the background of a busy campus as students walk around in small groups

“The main thing I took away from Fastrack was that no matter how tough it got I never gave up. It taught me that I had resilience that I didn’t know about. I showed up on days when my home life was really tough. The feeling of achievement at the end of the seven weeks was amazing. I even went on to achieve a scholarship recognising my exceptional commitment to the course. It was the icing on the cake and a real shock. It’s probably the first time I ever felt proud of myself for an academic achievement.”

Kara, BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

So the skills you develop can be taken into your future. And can be applied to multiple walks of life.

February 1, 2024


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