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We know that West Lancashire is a great place to live and study, with plenty of local bars, restaurants, and takeaways to enjoy. We hope all our students feel at home here. If you’re a new student living in halls, or you’ve ventured out to live in the local area, you have a responsibility to help us maintain positive relationships with our neighbours and the wider community.

It’s easy to make noise when coming home from a night out with friends without realising you’re doing so. Especially if you are living in houses or flats with multiple occupants that could cause a disturbance to neighbours. As representatives of the University in the community, it’s important that you are a good neighbour. We want you to enjoy your student experience but please be mindful of others and take responsibility for your actions. Make sure you keep any noise to a reasonable level and you, and your friends, don’t engage in any form of behaviour that may be considered anti-social. Please be polite, courteous, and respectful.

Our top tips for being a good neighbour

Keep your home clean and tidy.

An easy way to be a good neighbour is to ensure your home stays clean. This includes taking your bins out regularly. If you are living near campus within the West Lancs Council area, you can use the tool on their website to find out when your bin collection days are.

Keep noise levels at a reasonable level.

This goes for music, the radio and your TV. If you can, use headphones. But if not, a general guide for a reasonable level of sound is by heading to another room in your house. If you can hear the noise from another room, your neighbour probably can too.

And remember these two rules while you’re returning home for a night out. Voices travel even if you don’t realise it. When returning home late at night, be sure to try and talk quietly so you don’t disturb the houses you pass. And don’t drop any litter. Keep your local area tidy and dispose of your litter appropriately.

Park considerately.

If you have a parking space, use it. Don’t restrict access for your neighbours or make it hard for vehicles to pass down your street.

How late is too late?

Typically around 11pm is when you really need to quieten down. This means that neighbours can have a good sleep. Remember, not everyone nearby will be students. You might live near a young family or an elderly couple.

We thank you for your cooperation in making Edge Hill University and our local community a safe, relaxed, and enjoyable space for everyone.

November 22, 2023


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