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During Black History Month we all came together as one

October 31, 2023

Student nurse Abigael Williams, a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Advisory Panel volunteer, shares her thoughts on Black History Month at Edge Hill University.

A profile image of student Abigael Williams.

Black History Month to me means celebrating black excellence, our black heroes, history, culture, religion, diversity, music, entertainment and food. This month at Edge Hill University we celebrated our heroes for paving, creating and making a way for us in today’s society. 

By marking events like this, Edge Hill succeeds in fostering a secure and friendly environment that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion, which is advantageous to students, staff and the local community.  

During Black History Month we all came together as one, understanding and acknowledging our differences, from the colour of our skin to the texture of our hair. My personal highlight was the HAIR exhibition on campus which highlighted the significance and power of black hair throughout history. Our hair tells the story of who we are, where we are from and what we’ve been through, shaping us into the people we are today. 

As Black History Month ends, Edge Hill will continue to promote activities, events and interactions to raise awareness of prejudice and social injustices – this will not only educate the students and staff but also demonstrate to the wider community the University’s contribution to constructive social change. As a student and as a member of the Student Advisory Panel, I am delighted to be a part of this.

In today’s world, when someone tells you “you can’t”, tell them “I can and I will”. 

Abigael was inspired by Black History Month to write the following poem:

Always remember that “your black is beautiful, your black is unique, 

“Your black is powerful, your black is sleek”. 

Our skin colour tells our story, right back from history.  

In the world of today, you can call it victory. 

Our melanin shines everywhere we go, 

Our thick dark hair, never failing to grow. 

No matter who we are, where we’re at, 

We can always adjust and make it home. 

We are the future of tomorrow, 

In the steps of our heroes, we have followed. 

History has been made and the memories can never be erased. 

We are to be celebrated and not to be separated. 

Let us come together as one, in marking Black History Month.  

by Abigael Williams

Fellow student Claire Beerjeraz, who has also been a member of the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Advisory Panel, performed a spoken word piece entitled Youth Activism as part of the cultural festival which launched Black History Month at Edge Hill.

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October 31, 2023


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