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Tabletop games writer honoured by prestigious award win

August 7, 2023

A hugely successful game exploring the world of Frank Herbert's beloved Dune series, co-authored by an Edge Hill University lecturer, has won an award in the Oscars for tabletop gaming.

Dr Peter Wright, Senior Lecturer in Speculative Fiction at Edge Hill, who played a key part in the development of Agents of Dune, received the prestigious Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game Supplement. 

Dr Wright was one of a three-strong writing team and penned the story for the campaign’s third act. 

Dr Peter Wright

“To have the opportunity to write within Frank Herbert’s world was a real privilege. The Dune books are a right of passage for sci-fi fans and their impact is huge. 

“There’s a cultural depth to the world he created which was fantastic for me to work with. 

“You feel like a caretaker of the legacy of Dune and this award shows that we did it justice. 

“I’m really proud to have been part of the team recognised with this fantastic award.”

Dr Peter Wright

Agents of Dune is a campaign supplement for Modiphius’ Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, that guides players through a family taking centre stage on the planet Arrakis as they try and secure the future of Spice production. 

The Origins Awards recognise outstanding work in the gaming industry. They are presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) at the Origins Game Fair every year, having been presented for the first time in 1975.  

The AAGAD is a peer-based network of gaming industry professionals whose mission is to promote innovation and excellence in design and production of games and game related materials. 

As well as being a science fiction critic and games writer, Dr Wright teaches across modules in creative writing and English literature. He also leads game development projects in creative writing in partnership with Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

Currently, Dr Wright is working with students on a new science fiction game, as well as an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s seminal At The Mountains of Madness for Crooked Dice. 

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August 7, 2023


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