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Nervous about starting university? Wondering how you’ll be supported at Edge Hill? We believe there should be no barriers when it comes to student life and the student experience. So we’ve put together a supportive programme. And we’ve called it Thrive.

What is Thrive about?

Thrive aims to give additional support to students who are part of social groups that are currently underrepresented in higher education. The programme intends to help give our students the edge when it comes to studying and university life. The support continues throughout their time at university. And into their future.

What’s a first generation student?

A first generation student is someone who’s the first person in their family to attend university. If that’s you, you may feel like you have limited knowledge or experience of university life. And with no immediate family who’ve been to university to discuss your options with, choosing which university is best for you can become confusing.

Are you a first generation student? If you are, you’re eligible to participate in Edge Hill’s Thrive programme.

Third-year student Paige Pickles on campus

We spoke with third-year student, Paige who identifies as a first generation student. She’s shared how she felt when she was about to start university.

“I struggled to visualise what to expect. And I had no one in my immediate family with university experience to discuss this with. I had to rely on the information given to me by my sixth form. Rather than hear about first-hand experiences. So I feel like students who aren’t the first in their family to attend university have a better insight into what they can expect from university life.”

Third-year student, Paige

If you have family and supporters that haven’t been to university, you’re likely to have many different types of questions. So, we’re here to provide support and information. And to give advice on how best to support each other throughout the next stage in your academic journey.

“I was very nervous before starting university. But I was also excited to start living more independently in on-campus accommodation. I was worried about whether my experience would live up to my expectations. But speaking with university staff helped me a lot. They explained how university works and gave me general tips on how to make the most of university life.”

Third-year student, Paige
Third-year student Paige Pickles on campus

For students like Paige, university can often seem like an unachievable goal. But we’re here to show that you can thrive at university. And you can go on to achieve career success. You may know that university is the next step for you. But applying and getting ready to start university can be exciting yet overwhelming. Especially when you’re unsure on what to expect. So the Thrive programme is available to help to assist you if you want a little extra support once you’re here. So you can feel encouraged and ready to take on university.

What happens on the Thrive programme?

You’ll be asked to complete a short enrolment activity. And you’ll gain access to a timetable of events and activities. Including events like #FindYourFeet. ‘Getting started’ with Careers. And networking skills workshops. You’ll meet many of our professional and support teams during the timetabled events. Such as Uniskills. Careers, Wellbeing and Students’ Union. So you can make the most of the resources that they have to share.

Why take part?

A careers advisor is stood up talking and smiling to a student

You can take advantage of gaining first access to workshops and sessions. Learn vital employability and study skills. Enrol onto ‘Extra Edge,’ a platform that allows you to track the skills you develop during your time at university. And get early access to ‘The Big Recruitment Fair.’ Use your networking skills from earlier workshops to interact with potential employers. And enjoy an end of year celebration to mark your achievements from across the year.

The support is accessible all year round. And our teams are always happy to help.

“My confidence has grown so much over the sessions I’ve had with the various support teams. Especially the Careers Team who have helped to build my confidence. They’ve encouraged me to apply for opportunities that I would otherwise be hesitant about. And I’m now doing a part-time job I love, thanks to their reassurance and ongoing support.”

Third-year student, Paige

The Thrive programme will help you to settle into university life more smoothly. And you’ll be given the choice to have a professional mentor. You’ll meet with your mentor twice each term to discuss how you’re finding university. And to establish if you’d like any extra support, which can be reflected in your studies. You’ll be provided with useful resources that aren’t only relevant for university, but also for life after your studies.

How to get involved

Make sure to apply so you don’t miss out. We’ll send you an email including a short survey. Simply fill out this survey and you’ll receive a place subject to receiving a place to study on Results Day. Keep an eye on your inbox towards the end of August for the launch of our Thrive programme.

May 31, 2023


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