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I’m Abbie, a Creative Writing student. To give you a taste of what to expect at Edge Hill, I decided to take you through a day in my life during my third and final year at university.


I wake up early. Before anything, I make my bed. Being organised from the moment I wake up helps to shape my day and leaves me feeling motivated. I pack away my laptop, charger, and throw in the book I’m currently reading – Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – with the hope of getting in some quiet time between workshops.


I make a cup of tea in my favourite Groot mug and sit down in our living room to catch up on last night’s episode of Corrie. I’m sharing a three-bed in the heart of Ormskirk, a short walk away from the town centre, and love the convenience of it.


Today I decide to walk to campus, which takes around 30 minutes. I take the scenic route through Ruff Lane, the birdsong a perfect backdrop to my stroll.


I arrive on campus and head to grab some breakfast. Edge Hill has a wide variety of eateries and I often choose to get breakfast here. This morning, I opt for a Sages 5-item breakfast. It is cheap, good for those on a budget but wanting to dine out. I eat in the hub, watching small business set up their stalls ready for the market. 


My best friend Loz is in my workshop group, so we meet up outside the classroom. The other three members and our tutor arrive not long after and we all catch up. Being a group of five has allowed us to form a bond and get to know each other properly, making pouring over the same pieces of work much easier.


Workshop. The previous week, I sent in a chapter of my novel for the group to read and feed back on. Each member takes the time to discuss what worked and what didn’t and any possible changes, alongside throwing in a few jokes about my characters. We even squeeze in time to discuss Loz’s novel, a gripping enemies to lovers fantasy tale. We have a break half-way through, during which Loz and I grab a snack from McColl’s on campus.


I have two hours before my poetry workshop so I walk around the lake to catch a glimpse of the ducklings whilst deciding where to have lunch. There are many options around campus to choose from, all in their own convenient location. Subway is in the hub, Garden 41 is tucked into the Health building, overlooking the gardens, and Roots is beside the lake, giving you a scenic view of the campus. The SU bar’s very own Stone Willy’s Kitchen is open throughout the day, serving pizzas, fries, and a range of bar snacks. Today, I decide to grab a sandwich from Subway and sit on the grass outside the Catalyst.


There are three floors in the Catalyst, the regular floor, the quiet floor, and the silent study area, each one fit for different needs. There is a coffee shop as you enter, stocked with various study snacks and hot drinks, meaning everything is in one place. I sit on the quiet floor in the Catalyst, aiming to work on my novel based on the feedback I received.


After working for an hour, I move to the couches on the ground floor and get in some reading time. Reading in the Catalyst helps me to unwind and take myself out of study mode for a while.


My poetry workshop. At the start of the semester, our tutor put us into small groups so that everybody got a chance to get to know each other and to take pressure off those who are receiving feedback. Workshops at Edge Hill are always safe spaces and all feedback given is never personal, simply about the piece of work that has been put forward. The workshop guide that my tutor distributed has so far helped to keep the peace and leave all of us feeling satisfied and inspired after a session.


I do a quick shift at the Catalyst on a Friday evening in the returns section. There are many part-time jobs available at Edge Hill. Whether you want to work in the Student Union bar, as a Campus Connector, or a Student Guide, there is something for everyone.


I catch the free Edge Link bus from campus into town and walk through the centre, stopping off at Morrisons to stock up on face masks and snacks.


In Ormskirk, there are a wide range of eateries, meaning you are spoilt for choice. This evening, we decided to order McDonalds and watch a film. After a long week, a self-care night was needed.

May 31, 2023


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